Sunday, December 20, 2020

When someone finds out where time goes, please share with me.

 Where oh where does the time go? I can't believe it is Christmas next week. I always thought if I stayed organized, I would have spare time for myself. Newsflash!!! Not true. I honestly don't know how I did what I did just a few short years ago, keeping house, keeping a garden, strolling the beach a few mornings a week, visiting my mother several times a week, publishing a magazine, creating in my studio weekly, teach crazy quilting in my Summer Kitchen, etc... and still have time to spend with friends or just relax and read a Joanne DeMaio book. Just thinking about it exhausts me. Is this what aging is about? If so, you can keep it! LOL.

I should not be complaining. There are so many things I am blessed with, my dear mother turned 90👸 on the 17th. My amazing husband and I celebrated our 38th Anniversary 💕yesterday. My wonderful son and daughter in law are celebrating their first Christmas in their new 👫home, life is good. We have our health, keeping low key, away from public spaces as much as possible. Although my husband did have an accident, breaking his collarbone last month, he has been a trooper, and he's kept me positive when I feel overwhelmed. It is true when they say you think you're in love when you marry, but true love happens when you've been together for years and you appreciate the person beside you more that you could have imagined on your wedding day. Not many get the privilege  to experience that, sadly. 

I've been continuing and enjoying my Junk Journal journey, which has taken all of my "stolen" moments. I will share them and then trim the, I've not decorated the tree yet, but it is up so I'm good.😉

This is the "Beekeeper's Daughter" Journal.

This is the journal, "Herbella"

I grabbed my phone to capture this beautiful sunrise. I wish every morning could be like this. But then, I guess it wouldn't be as special....

Next to share are a few Christmas Photo Slide mini booklets.

Of course I have to share this gorgeous purple evening sky view from my back door.

Fresh from my studio, the journal, "Grandma's Keepsakes".

If you enjoy my junk journals, you can view a flip through of each one on my YouTube channel

If you like them, you may post to Pinterest, or if you feel the desire to give a thumbs up, I would appreciate it 💝

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and stay safe and cozy. Hugs to all.💞


  1. I don't think it's age, I think it's all the Covid-19 changes and restrictions. For some reason, the more free time I have, the less I seem to do with it, and I've heard similar comments from friends.
    Your journals are lovely. As always, your color blends and ephemera choices are spot on. I have no desire to do this myself (that was my husband sighing in relief you just heard...), but I really enjoy browsing through yours.

  2. Ah yes, that elusive thing called time that seems to escape us faster and faster as we get older. Your journals are looking so luscious and so filled with amazing details.
    Merry Christmas Pat in whatever form it may take this year. Be safe, be well.


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