Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Keeping busy

Well, here we are quarantined at home, which is disruptive to many, but it's the norm for us. Staying home and away from crowds is fine with me. I hope you all are well, staying home and keeping your hands washed. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, I've been painting moms interior of her home. It is looking so much brighter and her spirits are lifted. My hubby installed a new kitchen light and what a difference. She said all this time she thought she was going blind...😊. Spring will bring warmer weather soon and she can sit on her porch swing and enjoy the birds and squirrels again.

I'm still playing with pretty papers and making junk journals. I'm telling you, I would have never imagined they would be as addictive as crazy quilting, but they are. I was actually hitting the post button in my etsy shop when I got a request to purchase it. It's going to a wonderful home, so I'm ok with that. There's something about them that make me want to keep them. I thought it might be the hours I put in to them, but I put the same hours into my crazy quilting and have no problem letting go the majority of the time. Anyway, here is the link to the video.  And here are some photos.

This little flip out folder slips into a lace pocket on the back of this journal.

This purple Crazy Quilt Journal below was such fun to create using the kit inspired by my projects by ScreechOwlStudio on etsy. 

Also enjoying the little details added to a junk journal like these tags from MyPorchPrints on etsy.

Time to make dinner so I'll continue my Junk Journey update another time. Stay well!

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