Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving is four days away!

I have been gone too long. The season's have changed, we got a new president, and my muse has almost agreed to return.
I just don't know where to begin. The days have shortened, but I really like the dark cozy mornings where I can snuggle in my comfy chair and watch the sun rise and enjoy a cup of tea before the world starts buzzing.

I did make it to the beach a few more times before the cold weather moved in.

I even slipped off one day to my friend Dawn's new home to kayak for the first time. I loved it and am going to buy my own kayak. Thanks Dawn!

I've been taking mom to Ogden park to feed the koi cheerios as often as possible. They should be fine this winter.

We've been wine tasting in Michigan......

And just hanging out having lunch...

Mostly, I've been booking doctor appointments and spending much of my time at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago with DH. He has agreed to begin treatment again for lymphoma. This time, with a brilliant doctor, Dr. Shou Ma, we will kick cancers ASS (excuse the language). All the new labs, tests and biopsies were not much fun for him, but the trips into the city were the worse. Traffic is crazy, no one uses turn signals and they speed in all four lanes on Lakeshore drive. Argh!  I must admit, the building are pretty neat, especially along the lake.

So we were fortunate to be able to switch chemo treatments closer to home in a new facility only 15 minutes from home, since he will be taking three day IV's each time. He gets so stressed having to go into Chicago and Dr. Ma was so great working with us and understood our situation. Wish him luck, it looks more promising this round.

 My dear friend Terri Takacs sent me the little white pumpkin which inspired me to search for other interesting ones to use for my centerpiece. I used a Pinterest idea and tacked together various doilies for a table runner.
I discovered my Christmas cactus in bloom on a shelf in the laundry room. It was such a shock because house plants do not usually survive with me as their caretaker. It was a gift from my mom #2, Tisha, so I tried to keep it happy but did forget about it many times. (sorry)

My muse completely ran away a few months ago. I missed her and could not even attempt a project with intentions of finishing. However, there are signs that she is returning. I dyed some ribbon, organized thread drawers and gathered some beautiful fabrics for a new project although I don't know what to create. Perhaps a tote?
A couple weeks ago I attended an Antique show in Howe Indiana with my pal Laney. It was fun and I found a few treasures, but the best part was the laughter that I truly needed. Thank you Laney ;-)
I did spy a few vintage crazy quilts being used for table covers.

That about sums up my days. I just received my order of four books from author, Joanne DeMaio and I am very anxious to begin reading. They are lovely books and I urge you readers to check out her facebook page to see what she has to offer. My kind of stories. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. The kids will be here for a full turkey dinner. I can hardly wait to slide the turkey in the oven. Take care!


  1. Nice to see you back; it looks as if you've been having trying moments. Good luck with everything and really hope the soon-to-be here new year will bring a little canine company into your household. xx

  2. Pat, I keep both you and John in my prayers. I don't envy you driving in the city.

    I'm glad to see that your mom is doing well and that you're thinking about stitching again. I haven't done any stitching. Seems my muse is completely gone for now. I was doing some cross stitching but I've lost interest in that now too. I'm sure it will all come back in time.

    Love & hugs!!!

  3. I have not been very good about reading blog posts in the past year, so I was quite surprised to read about your husband's health. I will keep you, your husband, and the rest of your family in my prayers. My daughter and I often talk of the day we spent in your little studio learning from you. Maybe now that I've retired, I'll find the time to get back into a creative mode!


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