Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello friends

 Life has been busy at times, and also coasting along. Spring is trying its best to arrive and stay. Yesterday was beautiful but I didn't get to enjoy it fully. Today is already gorgeous and I just came in to grab a bite and sit a while before tackling the weeding in the front garden. I want to dig up the snow on the mountain before it grows and takes over the Rose Campanula.
I'm looking forward to the sweet scent of the lilacs. They are just getting leaves, so it will be a while yet. It seems like this spring is in slow motion but at least the blooms are ahead instead of behind me.

There are so many tasks to do this year. Mulching,power washing and painting deck, porch, porch swing and sidewalks. Freshening up house trim and trellises. I am usually ready to go but it feels overwhelming this year. It will get done though, once I start it will all fall into place I'm sure.

Mom has cabin fever and wants a B&B trip, I can't blame her. I know she wishes she still drove. Freedom to come and go as you please is something we should never take for granted. I did get her out to a movie on Thursday. It was a nice outing but I know she needs more. I want to keep her moving, not cooped up in the house.

I've spoken to my brother and am going to plan a larger garden with him at his home. Yes, like I need another activity,lol. I gave up veg gardening years ago but want to get back into it and enjoy organic home grown veggies again. They seem to taste sweeter, and actually have flavor. Its impossible to buy a tomato that has any flavor anymore. Sad but true. It will also encourage mom to take a little walk across the street and check out the progress. I've got several garden plans, hopefully my brother agrees with some of them as he will be spending more time tending it than I will.
I do want a variety of lettuces like Ellen Eddy grew. She had a pretty little garden by the studio and before I left she would pick a salad for me to take home and enjoy. The multi colored delicate lettuces were so tender and fresh.

I could write a bit more but the sun is shining and enticing me to enjoy the outdoors, so I will continue another day. Enjoy today!


  1. Hi Pat It's been awhile but I do read your lovely post. I was about to plant my veggie garden when a bobcat decided to visit. Soooo I am taking a break til he is gone. LOL Reading your post brought back memories of all your gorgeous photos of your gardens. Glad to see you are still at it.

  2. How did I miss this post? Oh well - better a late comment than none at all! Weather still isn't warm enough here for any gardening, even though the only garden we have now is what we can grow on our balcony (a tomato plant or two and some herbs is about all we have room for).


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