Monday, November 30, 2015

Taking things slow and new Project Digest

With DH newly retired, I have been conforming to his leisure life style. I'm not so sure that is a good thing. Everyday seems like a Sunday. I'm hoping to change that starting this week.

Tomorrow I'm going to set up mom's Christmas tree and help her decorate it. It will take most of the day because I plan having tea with her when we are finished. Through the years I've bought her the blown glass German style ornaments so I always enjoy finding them tucked away in the little boxes.

I also plan on taking my daughter in law shopping. I want to start a tradition with her so we will discuss it over lunch. Hopefully I will beat the snow as I dislike driving that far on icy roads.

I made a couple change purses for my dentists wife and receptionist, and finished my commission pieces so I am free.
  I've been enjoying the crafting company of my friend Karen lately. We actually accomplish projects,lol. I Photoshopped her adorable grand babies onto vintage children bodies and she is going to make ornaments with them. I'm not great at it, but it does the job. This is little Emma.
Look at her sweet face.
I also had the opportunity to treat mom to lunch. No, she did not clean her plate,lol.

 However we both agree we must enjoy ourselves from time to time, because.......
We got a bit of was beautiful but didn't last long.

 My sweet friend, Leslie T Hilmer dropped off this clever gift of beach glass soap. She is a beach glass stroller herself up in MI. Thank you Les. What an awesome gifty surprise.
As I was going through images last night I came across this sweet photo of my little Angell. I sure miss that little girl :-(

Last but not least, I  just publish a super easy and fairly quick crazy quilt pendant digest found here.
I'm waiting on a phone call, but I'm also supposed to head to Karen's in a bit, so...what to do, what to do? I may wait 30 mins, and then take off. DH can give me a jingle if they call. I hate missing calls, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Enjoy your evening and stay warm!


  1. Oh my let me think, we are retired also and yep everyday is a Sunday. We still though say wait til the weekend to do this or that. But everyday is a Sunday and we lose track of what day it is and even the time. We just quit wearing watches. No need to keep up with the time. lol Now when you finish putting up the tree just tootle over here, probably will wait til "the weekend" lol see what I mean? Oh have fun with all your doings and love reading your blog oxoxoxxo YRoT

  2. Retirement is a blessing and something that I can highly recommend. Mind you, I still don't seem to be able to find any more hours in any given day to be creative!

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful Holiday Season with your DH.
    May your Holiday Season be full of joy&love.


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