Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cold, rainy, windy day

Naturally mom has a doctor appointment on this cold rainy day.
  Yesterday was gorgeous of course. At least I can drop her off under a canopy at the door. I guess it could be worse, the rain could be snow like some states are experiencing. Brrrr, I'm not quite ready for that yet

There isn't much going on around here lately. Stitching and the usual. I did make it to the beach last week a couple times. It was beautiful and peaceful as usual.

 I've been working on small fun projects in between my CQing. These pin cushions are fun to make.

 I made another shibori dragonfly purse because my photos for the first didn't look too good and of course I didn't check them until I was ready to work on the digest. The tutorial is in the freebie section of my blog. Tracey I did enjoy it though. These are the true colors...

but this is the finished purse washed out????????????
I finally got around to the larger sewing case digest. Tracey Wilson has made up beautiful kits for the shibori dragonfly in the facebook group Supplies for CQ 2.

 Also, the Winter issue of CQ Quarterly is now available!
With so many CQ ideas floating around out there, you can't complain of being bored this winter :-)
Off to get ready to pick mom up. I think I need to treat her to a bowl of cheese broccoli soup from Panera after her appt. What do you think?
Have a great day!


  1. Love your sewing kit and I especially love the angel pin cushion. Coming here is always so inspirational. Thank you for posting.

    1. Hi Pat, well I do't know where to start love it all and the soup with Mom is the best part. Your pin cushions and every bit of the pretties you made are awesome. Now for some reason I had to add a comment here. Computers, arg. I bet you will get lots of stitching done this winter will be anxious to see them xoxoox


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