Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Time is passing....

I haven't had much time of my own lately. My blog seems to have cobwebs. With the hot, rainy  and humid summer we've been experiencing this year, my flower gardens and lawn has kept me incredibly busy, and I still have so much to do to get it under control.

I guess my priorities have changes. I'm spending more time with mom these days, and trying to keep the home front in order as well. I must be slowing down more than I thought. Time passes so quickly and I know you would agree that family time is most important. I have many ideas and plans set aside that I may not ever get to but I want to spend quality time with whomever I'm with, while I'm with them, so excuse my lack of blogging please.

I do have one idea I'd like to share. I need two volunteers who print onto fabric. I've put together  pages to print out of "fabrics" and a ciggie to make a small project or add your own additional fabric to make a larger project. I've already tried it and thought it would be great for those who don't have a knack for coordinating fabrics or for those not wanting to buy yardage.  So, email me at and the first two volunteers will get to download and try it. This is the purse I assembled with one sheet and one additional fabric. I've made sets in various colors. I would make sure the two volunteers had a different set to try.
You just print it out, cut apart, sew together, gather your embellishments and play!
So if you are feeling adventurous, shoot out an email and I'll get a sheet to you to play with.
Its the first day not in the upper 80's in a while, so I'm heading back outside to do what I can before the rain arrives. I hope you are enjoying your days.


  1. Wow!!!! What an awesome idea! Love it!!!!

  2. Girl you are always up to something fun. oxxoox

  3. Yes, this is a great idea.I used to think combining fabrics is something everyone could do..hmmmno!!So this is a great idea Pat.


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