Monday, August 24, 2015

Cooling down

The hint of Autumn is definitely in the air. I'm enjoying the cooler mornings as I sit on the porch swing sipping herbal tea watching the early bird getting the worm, the butterflies flitting from one phlox bloom to the next, and the bees gathering what pollen they can find from the August lilies, aka Naked Ladies.
The kids came to visit Saturday for Dh's birthday. We had a nice visit. I'm going to do a shopping day with Megan this week and have a nice lunch. I would like to see them more often, takes everyone on their own journey each day and time is ever passing.

Tomorrow I'm taking advantage of the 70 degree temps by planning a picnic with mom on a paddle boat. We used to always go out on the paddle boats while my dad and brothers were fishing at a local park. She has been wanting to go so I can't wait to surprise her. It will give us both a little exercise as well.

Last week I tried something different. I made bags from paper and laminate to keep in my Project Digest. They were so fast and easy, I decided to make a few designs and whip up directions to offer in my etsy shop for those who bought the Digest. Here is an example.

Just something fun to make and will come in handy. So, if you want to try them, they are in my etsy shop. There are four sets of two designs and come with directions.

I'm currently working on two projects which are gifts, so I can't share just yet. I finished two other gifts last night so today I am cleaning and possibly stitching later since I plan on enjoying family this week. I hope you enjoy your day. Tootles!



  1. The project bags are a great idea, Pat! Yesterday I was looking at my gallon ziploc bags with items for different purses. I probably have too much stuff in each bag. I can see how a smaller amount of fabric, and for a specific purse collected might be best. That means I have to organize my sewing room differently. I struggle with my organization style. I am sure storing like things with like things would be better than storing all the possibilities for one project in one bag. I have always stored things that way. Somehow Ingotta get over that. Im always afraid I might forget about something that will be an option. But then all the options overwhelm me and I can't decide what to actually use. Silly me! Talk soon!!
    Hugs, Betsy

  2. I store my options in a plastic flip box. Put all the fabric, thread, ribbon, and embellishing's in the box. It's big enough to keep things separate. But it makes it easier to lay my hands on what should work, and sort later, into what I finally decide to use. When finished, I return what's left over back to where it was originally stored. That way I don't wind up with gobs of stuff that isn't where I can find it again for future projects.
    If it were financially possible I would buy every one of your digests for the instructions and how to's. I am saving to get the last Autumn & Winter Gatherings magazines I don't have, to add to the rest of the set. Always follow your blog.

    It is wonderful that you still have your Mother to spend time with. Hope your time with her is a perfect day for you both. God Bless you always.


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