Friday, July 10, 2015

Rainy days make new Project Digests!

I just surprised myself and released the second series in my project digests. Thank you for your support and kind comments on the first issue. I hope some beautiful Shibori butterflies are being made.

This one is a tutorial on making the sewing kits that became so popular. I hope you enjoy it. Here
PS~ I wish I could do something about the shipping!!!!!!
I had a fun beach stroll the other day. Will share later, I'm off to see the kids this morning. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Lovely bag Pat!I saw it on your shop, a real beauty for sure:) BTW... Did you get my Etsy order?
    Hugs Marilou

  2. Hi my dear, saw your post about planning a movie with Mom and gotta give you tons of stars in your crown. You are just the best daughter ever. Have fun with T, I bet that is who you are going to see. Give her a hug for me. Will be anxious to see pics and hear what you did. Hugs and off to do what you have taught me . oxoxoxox YRoT


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