Thursday, June 04, 2015

June has arrived!

Surprise! Another post within a few weeks, lol. It's a beautiful day and I've been weeding this morning but now its too hot (or that's just my excuse) and I thought I'd blog then stitch.
The Iris are in mid bloom and fairy bells, lavender, and delphiniums are just starting to bloom. How can you not like to garden? Seeing and smelling the flowers will always be my inspiration to continue digging and weeding till I can't stand up straight. That's what Epsom salts and lavender are for.

The back side garden is filled up already. This new garden used to be shady with three large pine trees but a storm last year took them all down exposing my hammock to the sunshine so.....I planted a garden!

 Last week my wonderful son and daughter in law celebrated their first wedding anniversary. I took them our gift and a special gift from my sweet friend, Annette Graves, which I shared in the last post. They loved it and kept spying familiar items hidden among the collage. It is so pretty in person.

  Mom had a nice visit with her best friend Joyce. After I took Joyce's daughters for a beach walk, they all followed me home to see the garden.
Carol and Missy

Mom, Joyce, me
 Missy, me, Carol
Yesterday I did mom's hair after we walked through the garden. She stopped under the archway covered with the most fragrant old rose and enjoyed the fragrance for a while.
So that pretty much wraps up life the past week except for a little more stitching in the garden.

 A small garden snake chases me in the other day and I haven't been back to my spot. I wish I could ignore snakes but they give me the creeps darting about so quickly and slithering along under my chaise. At least I didn't go after him with a garden hoe like I used to years ago.
So I finished this purse and am about to finish the other today.

I almost went to the beach this morning but headed to the garden instead, so I'm thinking tomorrow I will be strolling early in the morning before it gets too hot. Perhaps I'll see a mermaid!
Have a great day!


  1. What a lovely garden. I too love to garden! It's food for the soul and fills us all with such peace!

  2. Such pretty irises! They are one thing we miss now we don't have a garden.

  3. wow where do I start? I hope you found a mermaid on your beach walk, not just their tears. The irises are so pretty and delicate looking love each and every one of them. Of course the stitching of the purse are such Pat colors, soft and delicate like the irises. The place where Mr. snake made you leave and the rest of the garden is just heaven. I know why he hangs around there. Your Mom and the garden, what a delight to read all your news. I am so glad the kids liked the tour of the canvas. I know you beamed up a storm when they started to hide and seek tour of it. Just wanted to say hi and hugs and good weather and stitching and riding time for you. oxoxoxxoxo YR

  4. Lovely happy photos Pat.The irises are lovely as is the very beautiful feminine purse.

  5. So much fun you've had with friends!
    Your garden pictures are beautiful and the purses or just gorgeous! I love seeing your silk ribbon thread...or whatever they call that!I have some and wasn' t sure how to use it, but I see you use it just as you would silk ribbon. I find myself doing too many detaials on my purses....I think I might be getting better at it though! LOLOL


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