Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hands from their Hearts to mine.

After a heavy but fast thunder storm this morning it is now too humid and hot to breathe outside so I thought I would share the beautiful crazy quilted hands I've received so far for my wall hanging I will begin in the fall. I can't thank you all enough for taking time to plan and stitch  your hand for me. They are so special, each and every one of them. Group hug my sweet friends.  Enjoy the eye candy peeps. I will get better photos. The detail on these are wonderful.


  1. Such pretty hands of friendship - each one so unique. Thunderstorm here after lunch - I, of course, had to be out in it and was very glad to get home. There's more in the area and the sky still looks ominous.

  2. Thunder storms are a bit scary aren't they. Love the hands! Each so pretty.

  3. Oh how pretty and the finished art will have so many memories for you and we will love seeing it. Each and everyone are beautiful. great idea my friend. Keep dry. oxoxoxox


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