Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day! Catching up..lots to cover.

April must have been pretty busy for me not to even post once. The days pass by so quickly I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in so long. So, first of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and a special Mother's Day to my best friend, my beautiful mother #1.
Also my mom #2 Tish and mom #3, Jan O. I hope you know you hold a special place in my heart and life. I am blessed to have you.

FTD delivered a beautiful Periwinkle Hydrangea from my wonderful son and daughter in law, Ed & Megan. It was for mother's day and a memento of their wedding almost a year ago. I can't believe they will soon be celebrating their first anniversary. Last spring I planted a blue hydrangea in the new garden in honor of Megan joining the family.Blue  Hydrangea's are her favorite flower.

So, I've been enjoying time with mom of course. A few weeks ago I surprised her with lunch at Olive Garden and she ordered a pina ordered a strawberry daiquiri.

 I enjoyed watching her across the table as if she were a teenager drinking alcohol for the first time. She joked about us getting drunk on one drink and going to jail driving home,LOL. She said she almost got hooked on Sloe gin when she worked at the hospital because all the nurses drank. Oh dear!

I did get in a few beach days in between mulching and sewing. I even got mom to go one day.

My last trip was entertaining as this beggar bird followed me eating bits of apple slices as I strolled down the shore. When I stopped for a while he would make such a hissy fit.

My sewing projects have been smaller items. Purses, needle books, sewing kits. I made this little purse for the sweet lady who bought mom's bike. Mom was afraid to ride the three wheeler I bought her and didn't want to disappoint me so it sat in her garage until I had a talk with her explaining that I was fine with selling it and I understood her fear. She broke her wrist falling off her bike on gravel one year, so the fear is real although the three wheeled bike cannot fall over. There would be no enjoyment for her to attempt to ride in fear just to please me. That is just silly. Anyway, the new owner is so sweet. Her name is Carmen and we are holding the bike until she makes her move in a month or so to her new home. I hope she gets many enjoyable rides from it.

 I also played with Shibori and took the idea from a brooch I found on pinterest and applied it to a purse.

 And just finished this Shibori purse .

 This is a little sewing kit to hold my special scissors my sweet friend Terri gifted me with one year. It holds needles, scissors and beading thread and sits beside my comfy chair ready when I am.
This is a little needle case with wool felt pages inside for my most used needles.
Then I made a larger sewing case....or should I say 8!!!! LOL several ladies wanted one so..... I obliged them.
 Then I made a blue one.....
and I'm just finishing a peach one...

Last month I took a short road trip with my friend Laney to PA. I made her sweet sis Patty a CQ nightlight. I was so happy and touched  to see it in her kitchen outlet the next day.

Monday I took mom to Holland MI to visit the Tulip Festival. Unfortunately we had different visions of streets lined with floral offerings and such, but we found it was a festival similar to a county fair. It was nice of course, but mom couldn't do all that walking so we opted to browse a few shops in the town and return to our B&B at Martha's Vineyard in South Haven. But not until we loaded up with treats from Kilwin's,LOL.
Holland is a lovely town with tulips of every color at each stop sign.
Martha's Vineyard B&B was so comfortable. We had the sitting room to ourselves so we jumped into our pj's and just enjoyed the atmosphere. I hope we didn't wake anyone laughing until midnight.

For those who wondered, I don't share photos of me not only because I dislike taking pictures, but mom isn't steady with the camera so all the photos she insists on taking come out like this.(which I actually prefer)

I think that is plenty for now. I must get ready to go visit my sweet mom. My next post will be about the beautiful crazy quilted hands I've been receiving from wonderful sweet friends. They are all so beautiful and I'm sorry I haven't shared them yet, but as you can see, I have been keeping busy...and I've not touched on my garden.......
Enjoy your day!!!!!


  1. Hi Pat
    Looks like your son and DIL made you feel really special with that gifted Periwinkle Hydrangea. It is so delicate looking!
    I'm so delighted for you that you make the most of every opportunity you possibly can in sharing such special moments and trips with your mother. These times will last forever.
    Love your sweet new creations especially that delightful night light shade!
    Hugs from a beautiful Autumnal sky here in Australia,

  2. What a lovely time you have been having....I am still stuck worrying about the blue purse an the stitches, but busy with other things as well, so it has been easy to put it off. I watch you continue to make and finish 2 dozen purses....I think after this one I will make an easier version for me??? its that even a thing? LOL


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