Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Tiny bit of creating

Over the weekend I found a bit of felting time. I made a few lavender filled needle felted brooches and slipped them into my much ignored etsy shop.
                                                                  Feeding the birds......

Beach journey.........
                                                          Bunnies in the garden......

I've no desire to work on the computer right now, but I hope to organize and fill my shop eventually/soon. I am anxiously awaiting spring! I bet you are counting the days until spring too.


  1. Oh yes - spring can't come soon enough for me. I'll bet you're counting the days until you can get to walk at the beach!

  2. Love your felted brooches are so pretty! Soon you will have your beautiful spring arrive..... Hang in there Pat spring is coming!! Love n hugs Belinda xoxo

  3. Your felted creations are wonderful!

  4. Springtime, Sweet Springtime....where are you? 18" of snow here last night!

  5. Each one a treasure MB and always love seeing what you create. I know what you mean about computer stuff it is a time stealer. I just do when I want on that part. Spring is comin I just know it, we have had a storm and hope that is the last one for sunny and warm Texas. Where is our 100 plus weather? I am ready for it. lol hugs YRoT

  6. Beautiful! I love these. Spring is on the way and you will be walking the beach soon.

  7. The brooches are beautiful, Pat! Each one of them. I love your soft pictures and the soft look of the felting surrounding each one. Just Gorgeous!

  8. I love them all. The beach one reminds me of your book so long ago about your Mother. Always beautiful


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