Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring is a heartbeat away!

Happy Days!!!! Spring is in the air..warming up, lots of sun, garden sprouts revealing excited. I am feeling like my old self again....which is a good thing. These days I've mainly been a home body, redecorating the guest room and storing things in the attic. Fresh paint here and there makes the home feel spring-like. I can't wait to bring in the first bouquet of flowering anything. The snowdrops are keeping my spirits up, knowing soon color will be abundant throughout the garden.
I have been doing anything I feel for the past month or so and it has been wonderful. I had a movie day with my pal Laney. A vintage exploration day with my bud Leslie K. A few excursions through the country and along the lake with mom. Too much tv with hubby. Not enough visiting with the kids. A bit of creating and a lot of cleaning. Yep, it has been very nice enjoying my days.

I was making dangles for lace yo yo's inspired by Liz Bugh of Gypsy Feather, and one reminded me of a carrot so I gathered my orange pearls and beads and set out to make some carrot dangles. Silly fun creations are so relaxing and I made several. I even carded some up with a ciggy for my etsy shop. 

I did find a Barrister cabinet while out with Leslie. I came home without it but after speaking to my friend Jan, I went back for it on a sunny warm day and plopped it on the deck and began to paint. All the while I imagined my dad shaking his head in disbelief. He was the type of guy who loved seeing beautiful wood, not painted. What can I say? I wanted to put it in the guest room and it just had to be cream.
My pal Terri is at Disney World with her parents just enjoying each other and the nice weather. That brought back memories of our Disney adventure with my Mother in law, sis and brother in law and kids. It was a memorable time, a happy time. I miss my mother in law. Sometimes it doesn't seem like she is gone and I can run over there anytime I want. I still find myself waiting for her call to come clean up the flower beds for spring.
 Ed was so little. He certainly was his father's shadow.
 Getting autographs from the characters, you can only see Ed's Mickey Mouse ears.

  Where does the time go? Just a few days ago, it was St. Patty's day so I called mom to tell her to get dressed. I bought a salad for me and a Ruben for her and picked her up to "picnic" at the beach. It was suny but windy so we sat in the car and watched the waves crash into the remaining shelf ice along the shore.
I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of mermaid tears in a few weeks. I can hardly wait.
So I'll continue enjoying the things I want to finish indoors until then. I know as soon as the days begin to stay in the 70's, I will hardly be inside looking out. It is strange not having obligations, but I'm adjusting well. Now it's hard to imagine doing all the things I had been doing the past few years. I get exhausted thinking about I won't. Now I just keeping the home fires burning and everyone in good spirits. That's all I can do and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you all have a Joyful Easter and a Happy Spring!


  1. Hello MB, what a great feeling not to have things pulling at you and I know you will enjoy it more and more. Good for you my dear. Yum Rubens love those things, mom and I have more and more in common don't we?
    I know like you spring is here and yea and loving yard work in store and I never mind at all. Love the cabinet for the guest room and all your doings. Hugs and hugs YRoT oxxoxo

  2. Hi Pat, loving your updates, but you said in this post that - there is going to be a lot of Mermaids tears, lost this Aussie dearest wot you talking bout?????
    And wots with this Rubens?????
    Love the photo of the ice remaining it is so unreal well at least me who hasnt even been to the True snowfields here in Aust. Thats really amazing to see and it captured my eyes. I can see you are totally enjoying your free time and theres no wishing I did....... Blah blah!! enjoy it even more with the spring comes your cleaning up so enjoy but please remember us hanging around waiting for more of your news.....happy and safe Easter for you and all of your family and friends love,n hugs xoxox

  3. Free as a bird out of her cage...enjoy!

  4. Renee Shedivy8:44 AM CDT

    With all the free time you have now I bet your gardens will be more beautiful than ever! Enjoy your obligation-less time. You deserve it. But keep posting your beautiful art and "findings". Hugs.

  5. Love reading your posts, special times with your mother and it is so piece full and calming to eat at the beach. Happy Easter to your family and friends!

  6. Hi Pat, just wondering if you are Ok? I hope the reason you haven't posted is just because you're too busy enjoying yourself. Blessings


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