Thursday, February 26, 2015


I have to admit that I've enjoyed not being on Facebook. I've only turned on my pc twice and I only browse Pinterest and email on my iPad and phone...when needed. I had to pop in to share a couple of beautiful gifts I received from a sweet and very talented fellow crazy quilter, Annamaria Kover of Humming Needles. This beautiful purse and sweet pendant. Such detail and beautiful workmanship. I love them. Thank you for the wonderful surprises Annamaria! :-)
Some recent projects finished and mailed.

Dh is home sick today, mom is under the weather, its snowing and I'm catching up on a few more projects and being thankful I have a warm home and family to care for. I hope you are enjoying your day.


  1. It's great to see some of your pretty work.

  2. lovely as usual...great purses....stay warm!!!

  3. Beauty for the eyes. Thanks for sharing with us. Good to hear from you. Missing you very much. Take good care of you and your family.

  4. Miss you sweet lady! Looks like you are getting some beauties finished.

    Your gifts from Anna are fabulous!

  5. beautiful pieces-hope to see you soon.

  6. Beautiful purses from 2 of the best!

  7. Seven projects recently finished and mailed... Wow you are impressive!
    Love them all , the shibori ribbon is gorgeousness itself, you know just how to manipulate it. The red, green, gold and black piece is sooo pretty!!! What was the finished product? So inspiring!!! Gotta go help install a dishwasher!!!!

  8. And I love your new header!!!

  9. Happy Friday MB, we actually got snow last night 4 inches and a tad. Will be gone quick though I think Sunday or Monday in the 50's or 60's. Love love your new header so pretty and wow the gifts you received and the art you create are so pretty. Tell DH and Mom to get well soon. Happy stitching my friend xoxoxo

  10. Hope DH and Mum are well soon xx
    Loving your new makes!
    Have a great weekend and don't forget to look after yourself too!
    Sandie xxx

  11. It's so nice to hear from you! You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces. Please don't forget we are here for you. Take good care of yoursel

  12. Hope your dear man and Mom improved health aince you wrote this! They are such lovely gifts, your blog is beautiful Pat its a delight to visit each time.Hope your spring arrives soon, we are in our Autumn now warm days and cool nights beautiful weather love n hugs Belinda xo


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