Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Good Morning!

The past two nights have been so pretty. I was tempted to go walk about the yard at 1:00 AM because the moon was so bright and reflecting off the deep snowfall we got the day before it lit the garden beautifully.

The crisp air temps prevented me from venturing out from my warm cubby hole. But my inner child was begging to pull on snow pants, scarf and fuzzy coat with mittens attached and dance out into the glowing night.

  It is quite enchanting looking out on nights like those. Something magical about moonlight dancing off pure white snow. A different world that's for sure. So peaceful and pure with the expectation of sighting a snow fairy fluttering by your cheek on it's way to sprinkle fairy dust on a rose hip left from the last rose of autumn insuring a spring bloom.
 I can't help but reminisce about the night I saddled my horse and went for a ride in the country on a night like last night.
I felt like I was the only one in the world. So quiet with only the sound of the leather saddle crunching beneath me as my horse slowly walked along the road. He probably thought I had lost my mind wanting to go out on a winters night, but he was a dear friend, always there to listen to a young girls problems when no one else would do. If I was sad I would go to the barn and brush his beautiful long mane and braid it then take it all out thinking a male horse should not have a braided mane. Silly me.
I remember when riding, the heat of his body rising to keep me warm. He was always rewarded with only a handful of sweet oats mixed with corn chips. Dad would say sweet oats are only for treats, he didn't need sugar. dad grew up on a large farm in West Virginia with a variety of animals and since he was one of the oldest of 11 children, he was in charge of the feed. Dad never rode a horse for pleasure. I bet he enjoyed seeing me enjoy my rides and grooming. I can't believe he build a barn just so I could have a horse. He was one in a  ten million.

Well, I have to get busy but I wanted to share some sayings that I find true. Enjoy and have a great day!


  1. Pat, I love the memories of your horse! Maybe I'll take Big out in the snow. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Pat, Sounds romantic. I love snow especially when there is a full moon. The snow sparkles like diamonds

  3. I love the hush a snowfall brings.

  4. Love the post about the moon and the horse. I think nothing smells better than a horse and leather. I never had a horse but did baby sit our granddaughters horse for a few months. Love that. My Daddy raised Appaloosas and such beautiful animals they were. Indian horses I called them. I can see you braiding that male steeds mane and tail. Grandaughter use to paint her horses hooves with glitter horsey paint Manly wasn't it? Hugs and have a wonderful creative day. xoxoxox

  5. Thank you for such a pretty picture and memory of your horse. I live in Ca. and only get rain and cold weather (for us anyway) nothing like what you get. Thanks so much

  6. Lovely romantic picture you have conjured up for us. I love moonlight too. Like Fairy Land!

  7. Magical indeed!
    Love your reminiscences xxx


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