Monday, January 05, 2015

2015 begins

Well I hope you all had a nice entry into the New Year. Ours was very relaxing and enjoyable spending a quiet evening home. There is no place I'd rather be no matter what the occasion.

A few of my friends didn't start the new year out as hoped, but I know things will improve soon and the worse will be behind them, they are just getting it over with for the year :-)

So, it seems I have left a few people confused over my hand request. I'm sorry about that. I am accepting hands from anyone who wants to make one for my wall hanging. I crazy quilted a hand for a charity event and ever since I have wanted to have friends make hands for me to include in a friendship wall hanging consisting of crazy quilted hands. One day when I can no longer hold a needle or see colors, I can observe my wall hanging and remember the good times and sweet friends I've met along my CQ journey.

So here are the guidelines if you are interested.
Trace your own hand onto muslin or whatever cq base you use, with a little space between fingers or completely open. Crazy quilt it, embellish it, do not finish the back or anything and send it to me. You can email for my address. When I finish my project I will share it with you.
Use pastels such as sage green, pale blue, dusty pink, butter yellow, cream, dusty lavender, etc. For those who want to do the same project in the future, I will do a hand for you as well. I was only going to do three, but its only fair for me to reciprocate.

This was the hand I made so you can see what I'm requesting only not dark purples and lime green.
Hopefully this clears up the hand confusion on Facebook groups.

So, I sat down on New Years Day and made a little sewing case. I have a special pair of embroidery scissors from a dear friend that I love and I'm afraid to lose them after each project so I thought a little case that would hold my sewing essentials would be very useful to me. I rarely make things for myself, but this just needed to happen. So, I made this ....

from fabrics I bought from the "Secondhand  Crazy Quilt Supplies" Facebook group started by Debra Dixon. It is a closed group but you are welcome to join and sell or buy stash. It is a fun group and we joke around a lot, and sometimes we resemble piranha when something is posted that we all feel we can't live without,LOL. We resolve the issue by buying something else!

DH started back to work this morning after six weeks of relaxation, so I have a house to get in order and errands to run. Stay warm and enjoy your moments.


  1. Hi Pat,
    I'd love to do a hand for you! Not sure how quickly as this month is jammed full already, but by Spring most likely for sure. So, don't start on mine until I finish yours. Hugs!

  2. Thank you Kathy! I'd love it.

  3. If there's room or a future one Pat.

  4. I love your sewing purse! This makes me want to crazy quilt on my new cross stitch bag! Fun idea! And so pretty!
    Hugs, Betsy

  5. Pat, I finally attached a piece of the cord elastic to my fancy scissors and sewed the other end into my stitchery bag. I was ready to be done worrying that they might fall out and be lost. Of course, I had to replace the cord multiple times, three of my children found it so much fun to pull those scissors on the elastic and cut the elastic. They each did it only once!!!
    Crazy kids!


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