Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays

With a little down time this morning I thought I would wish you all Happy Holidays however you celebrate, and health and happiness in 2015.
 Mom celebrated her 84th birthday Dec 17th. Her back was hurting so I couldn't take her out so I brought her favorite Shrimp scampi fritta from Olive Garden to her with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. She was surprised and we still got to enjoy a birthday meal together. Afterward I surprised her with a pre-lit Christmas tree and spent a couple hours putting it up and decorating while she and her side kick, Payton the spoiled cat sat on the couch and watched. It ended up being a nice day for her after all and I went home and soaked my aching back a in lavender epsom bubble bath with a glass of vino.

Yesterday DH and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. I don't know how that could be when I'm only 29, LOL.We enjoyed our favorite Chinese and a quiet evening watching TV. It was perfect.
I've enjoyed a few creative days with my friends Karen, Nancy and Leslie. It sure helps break the monotony of winter when you can enjoy friends and playing with stash. Thanks my buds!
I finished my tree, quite simple this year but enough to enjoy through the season. I mixed the vintage ornaments from mom and dad's 1950's decorations and the Old World ornies from my friends who know how I love the painted mercury glass.

So instead of fretting about getting projects for everyone finished, I decided to take my time and as I get one finished I will mail it out. My friends and family know how I feel about them, and I know I should have started earlier, but honestly, with everything happening all at once health wise and such, I just couldn't get it done. Besides, I think receiving an unexpected surprise in the mail after the holidays would be much more fun.
 So take a deep breath and exhale, enjoy your days and capture memories because that is all that matters. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I hope my post went thru, will check in a second if not I will write it all again. computers !!!!

  2. Hi Pat, I've been trying to read your recent blog posts but something has changed with your font. It's a tiny, tiny cursive that is just too small to read.

    I don't know if it's on my end or yours but I thought you might like to know.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Happy belated birth day wishes to your Mom, and also a belated happy anniversary wishes to you and your dear DH. Enjoy a happy Christmas with your dear ones. Blessings on you!

  4. Pat,
    Sounds like your Mom loved her Birthday dinner with you. I miss doing that with my own Mother. I also have a December birthday and so that means I have a connection to your mom!!! I hope you get feeling better. It is no fun to be under the weather, but the relaxing part is nice! I need one of those Epsom salt baths, I have been going to take one for about a week. Maybe tomorrow! Had a lovely few days in London!!! That is why I am sore!!! Will post about it soon.

  5. Love the photo of the staircase, the colors are beautiful. A hot bath with epsom salts and a glass of wine will cure a variety of ills. I like the idea of sending out the gifts as you complete them instead of rushing for one particular day.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi MB, well my dear Happy Birthday to Mom and Happy Anniversary to you and DH. Whew you have been busy celebrating but I know it was fun. Love the staircase looks so romantic and just seeing the ornaments aka ornies love that. You have the right attitude my dear and love it and I know you are gong to enjoy slowing down on some things so much. Take care and you are definitely smelling the roses. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and looking forward to your art and blogs in 2015. xoxoxo YRo T

  7. Happy Anniversary Pat - you've notched up the same number of years as we have!!!
    Wishing you a Blessed Christmas with joy, happiness and peace in your heart!
    x Suzy

  8. I'm going to be on my blog this year I have been sick and now I better so going to try and meet more bloggers and share with them. I love to CQ and paint and will posting what I do, Hope we will become friendsI .Have followed you Your work is wonderful Have a wonderful HOLIDAY Laura

  9. Hi Pat! Merry Christmas! I'm just getting ready to do some crazy quilting and thought of you! I may be getting your boho bag book again as mine is in storage, in a POD, somewhere in Philly… :)

  10. Catching up on your world. Love your posts. Happy Belated birthday to your Mom and Happy Anniversary to you. So glad you are taking time to relax.
    I am hoping to return to stitching this year. I miss it so much. Cancer is almost 5 years out and the home renovations are finally dwindling. Time to take your attitude and enjoy a little time for myself. Blessings to you and yours in this New Year.


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