Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Been meaning to share some things.... Ready for some pretty awesome eye candy?

Talk about a whirlwind! I'm still waiting for things to slow down just enough so I can finish something I start, or intend on starting. I've got so many projects in the works, and have been wanting to share some special gifts from sweet friends. I will start from order of receipt. My Yellow Rose of Texas, Annette Graves made this for us right after my son's wedding in May. I couldn't hang it for the longest time because I couldn't stop inspecting it, going over all the textured items. It is even more gorgeous in person. I love it, Thank you again YR!

Next was a Sweet Needle book from my lil sis Shannon, owner and creative goddess of Sweet Inspirations.  It is precious, just like her. The vintage lace, the porcelain roses, the soft colors, and special embellishments make it a treasure I'm sure to enjoy till the end of my days and hand it down to my DIL Megan. Thank you Lil sis.

Recently my bud Leslie Kenreich from St. Joe, Michigan surprised me while we were attending an antique show, with this unbelievable wall hanging. Each embellished patch represents a time or meaning in my life.
 For instance, the wheelbarrow , birdhouse, and flowers for my gardening side. Hotel and luggage for my travels. The sail boats represent lake Michigan and St; Joe, which holds so very much meaning to me, including the fact my sweet Les resides there. The cupcake with candles because this was a birthday gift, the puzzle charm at bottom for my Pieces of Friendship puzzle group, etc.
 When I tore the wrapping off standing by my car you can imagine how touching it was to see all of this heartfelt assemblage meant just for me. Yes, I tried to contain myself but a little bit of love spilled from my eyes. I still can't get over the time Les put into this, her first piece. The sewn writing blew me away. so tedious. Amazing. It hangs by my comfy chair to encourage me that I need to keep creating and like the saying on it reads, "The road to my house is not always straight, but it's paved with fabulous friends and wonderful places. Thank you Les, this is quite a piece of art from the heart.

I must have been pretty awesome in my past life to have friends like I have gathered. LOL.

Thank you all for putting up with me. If I didn't share special things from you, its because I don't want to show off anymore than I have today :-) You know how special you are.
I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Annette and Leslie, you did great!!! For a great lady!!!

  2. Annette, Shannon & Leslie, your creations are absolutely beautiful!!! Lovely that your remembered your friend and dear, dear lady. Pat, you are truly blessed. Hugs!!!

  3. Hello dear MB oh I so enjoyed seeing your gifts from Shannon and Leslie. You are indeed a bright spot in my life and I know theirs and just hugs and hugs fun to see creations for you. oxox

  4. Such beautiful gifts...true works of heART!

  5. Such amazing gifts for an amazing gal! I LOVE Shannons things, and that needle case is just a gem! She is SO creative!
    All your gifts were made so detailed and with so much love, what wonderful friendships!


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