Sunday, October 12, 2014

Relaxing weekend and a few wedding pics

It has been a beautiful weekend. The kids spent the night and we just caught up on events and watched a movie. This morning I grabbed a blanket and a book and headed to the porch swing to read a few lines and feel the sunshine on my face. The kids were still sleeping so I did a bit of seed gathering and weeding in the garden.
I was delighted to hear the wedding photos had finally been delivered. Here are a few of my favorites. I don't want to load too many because they haven't gone through them yet.

Parents waiting patiently for the bride to be.

Happy Groom seeing his bride walking down the aisle.

 Skipping ahead to the newly married happy fella, my handsome son, Edward.
My bud Karen R is to the left (LOL) I think that is my pal Leslie K behind Ed, not sure???

Their life together as husband and wife has just begun. Oh the wonderful things before them.

Groom and Mother dance.

I will share more after I have permission to do so,LOL. I just couldn't help myself. Ok, one more...
The kids just left to visit Megan's parents so I'm going to soak in a bubble bath and curl up with my book for a bit until I nod off. I've been fighting off a headache all day and maybe hot tea is needed also. I hope tomorrow is another beautiful weather day. Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Beautiful pictures on a perfect day. Pat, you look lovely and your husband looks very handsome. Of course, the bride & groom looked wonderful. What a happy day!!!!

  2. Lovely, happy photos Pat.Thanks for sharing.

  3. The pictures are beautiful. You look so beautiful!!

  4. Good morning MB, thank you so much for sharing some of the pictures. Everyone looks so happy and your new DIL is beautiful. You and DH look so relaxed and love seeing that. Hugs and oxoxox YR

  5. Wonderful pictures. What a good looking family you all are!


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