Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Version two of 2015 calendar...no frame

My plans were cancelled for last night so I spent some time making my 2015 calendar with no black frame. The past few months I talked myself into adding something different but as I view it, I wasn't sure if I liked it better with or without so I decided to do both. Sorry if you purchased it already and wanted the plain version. This new one just has the border removed, like I said, same calendar just no border. Available here.
So, I have an empty day on my hands, what to do? I think I'll go see if mom wants to go to the post office, then to lunch after a visit. I think she might. Then I am going to make lasagna for her dinner. She has been asking me for it and I just haven't stopped to do it. So today is the day.

As advertised, Pam Kellogg released her CQ calendar yesterday featuring 13 crazy quilter's. I am honored to be featured among them. Thank you Pam. It is available on Magcloud here.

 I'm off to start my day. I hope you had a great weekend and have a great day!

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  1. How lovely to have a choice...to border, or not to border, that is the question! I ordered the bordered version already. Can't wait for it to come.


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