Friday, August 01, 2014

I lost June and July?????

You know when you get so busy that you don't know what day it is? Well, I didn't seem to know July was history. I've decided to just post what comes to mind because otherwise it would be work to try to remember everything I do. Just too darn much stuff.

So, I am about to wrap up the Autumn issue of the magazine. I've had so many submissions, thank you all. For those wanting to squeeze something in for my last issue, the Winter 2014, start sending now please. For those a bit shy or those who don't submit for other reasons, I hope you join in sharing your work, advice, news, etc when Pam begins her version in January. I know you're out there and enjoy CQ like the rest of us, so go on, you can do it. Pam is waiting to hear from you and all crazy quilters are always anxious to see new work and meet new cqer's.

Crazy Quilt Gatherings......
will be replaced with Crazy Quilt Quarterly!
I must say looking back at all the issues, I am humbled to have had the pleasure of meeting the many contributors the past four years. International crazy quilters and those here in the states all have at least one thing in common. The ability to turn scraps, discarded items, threads, etc into objects of beauty. I admit, I'm proud to have started this publication and thrilled that it is continuing in the hands of a friend and fellow crazy quilter. It has been surreal honestly. I am blessed doing what I love and in a more private manner, I will continue to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Well, we had a few cool days that felt more like Autumn so the baking bug bit me and I tried my hand at French Macaroons. I found several recipes online and just chose one. To my shock and dismay they turned out.
Then yesterday I tried another recipe and it wasn't as good. This recipe said to let them sit 30 minutes after you bang them on the counter.
The tops are hollow and the peaks still show. So, recipe #1 is what I will stick with in the future.

I went "glamping" with my pal Karen this week. It was not planned, we just did it. It couldn't have been improved upon if it had been planned. We rode bikes, walked the beach twice, shop hopped around MI, gabbed, ate outside with the sight, sound and smell of our little fire. The RV was very comfy and the cool evening made it easy to sleep. I enjoyed it so much. Thanks Karen.

I had the chance to return to Ogden Park with mom for another picnic. Mom enjoys seeing the garden colors change.
 I gave her a little pill box I covered in CQ. That way she won't forget them hopefully. The little fairy in the center is her as a child. The sweet painted porcelain heart button is from Flights of Fancy.

I also wanted to share my beautiful purple pendant Jilly made for me from a kit I bought from Bead Haven at the Wisconsin Bead and Button show in June. It is so pretty in person. Thanks Jilly.
Yesterday while watering I spotted this neat hummingbird  moth going from one bloom to the next.
I'm going to visit with two sweet friends and their hubby's on Sunday so I had better get things in order around here and start packing. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
 So I'll leave you with this video.


  1. Pat, I hope you realize just how much you have done for the crazy quilting world with the magazine. I know we're all grateful for what you've done with it and the wonderful showcase you have provided for us. I can't even begin to imagine the time it must have taken to create each issue. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it!

  2. I do hope ou wil still blog
    A pretty phlox plant with the butterfly
    I must start C P again after a very busy summer trying to keep mt garden in control
    Best wishel x

  3. Hi my dear MB, I posted earlier and it disappeared. Poof. You have had so much on your plate of life but have handled it so well my dear. I love the little pill box you made for Mom and she looks like she is doing well and with a loving daughter she will continue on I just know it. I love love your garden it is to die for . the cookies yum and just love your posting about it all

  4. Ha! I have to smile...your brain is all over the place! Makes me feel like I'm in good company! Sending hugs...and I too appreciate you so very much! You continue to inspire me with all you of your crazy endeavors...

  5. I will truly miss you. I have learned so much from you and all your inspiration. I hope we hear from you in the new magazine from time to time. But now you open a new chapter in your life and I wish much happiness. Your Mother looks good and I love the pill case you made for her. Such a loving daughter. All the best on the "road not taken".

  6. Hi Pat, I am finally catching up with old friends. Let me know about swap sometime before year ends.
    Good luck with next adventure in books, you have done great job with them.
    I have plenty of CQ and embroidery about if you like to uses any, aloha Lilla


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