Friday, August 29, 2014

Feels like Autumn

After five days of hot humid weather I am loving the cooler mornings. Autumn seems like it is creeping in early this year. Leaves are falling and most of the Autumn flowers have bloomed around here already. I stitched a bit in the garden yesterday until the sun heated things up. Grandmas Hibiscus is dropping its gooey spent blooms all over the back deck so it has to be sprayed down daily, ugh! But they are so pretty, and it was Grandma's so it will remain where planted.

 I'm trying to finish a purse but there are always other things that take my attention. I'm wondering if it will ever get done????

 I did get the Autumn issue of CQGatherings published.
 You can order it on my sidebar if you haven't already. I'm hoping to get the Winter issue finished early, so if you have tutorials, please send them asap. It is filling up already but still room for some eye candy. I can't believe it is my last issue. I'm a little blue from time to time, but I know it will give me much needed time for my family. Illness and aging can't be put on hold unfortunately. I've always tried to be where I'm needed most, and now it is all about family as I know you will agree.

Speaking of family, the Newlyweds are doing great, I got to spend last weekend with them. It was nice to wake up and make breakfast and treats. We celebrated DH's birthday with Chinese take out and had a nice visit. No, I didn't cook, it was very hot and humid.
My brother and sis in law from Hawaii retired this year and now they are exploring the other side of the island and found this huge cave.
 The brother that threw rotten strawberries at me earlier this year :-)
 My sis in law has been through so much, they deserve to live in paradise. She has survived two cancers. She just finished her round of chemo shortly before they came in May for the wedding. She was tired from time to time,but we sure had fun.
 This is Mila three or four years ago when they renewed their wedding vows on the beach. She is a beauty, she has a sense of humor and I miss her.

Their youngest, my nephew Warren will be married soon and and Steve and Mila are thinking of buying a home around here to come visit and spend some time. Then I will get to enjoy more family time with them. 

I caught a pic of this little red dragonfly yesterday. Its not a great pic but I was riding around on the golf cart and happened to see it land.
I don't know what got into me but I hopped on the golf cart and rode it around like a kid. Around the barn, down to the corral, up the hill to the garden, through the front yard then did a million circles in the corral before it was out of my system. I have to admit, it was fun. DH was at work, and I planted tall pines so I was out of view from passerby's,lol. Who cares if they think I'm nuts! I had fun.
 Since it is cool this morning I'm going to get in a beach walk then visit mom for a bit. A great way to start a long weekend. Perhaps we will get in a motorcycle ride as well. That is always enjoyable to meander country roads and take in the beauty of roadside wild flowers like Queen Anne's lace, Chicory, wild Horseradish and the yellow daisy like flowers that are so abundant this year. I love it when we hit air pockets of the sweet floral scents. In spring it is Lilacs, summer is Bridal Wreath and roses, and soon the Autumn Clematis will be releasing its scent since it has just begun to flower. I just close my eyes and try to inhale all the fragrance I can. Sometimes we do come upon a scent, or odor where I try to hold my breath until I'm blue, like a pig farm or an animal that just wasn't fast enough crossing the road(sorry for that image.) But that isn't often thank goodness.

It will be light soon so I had better straighten the house and grab a bite before I venture out. It is supposed to be 72 degrees today so I'm determined to sit on the porch swing and finish that darn purse! LOL.
I hope you have a wonder day and a fun Labor Day weekend.


  1. I love all of your cq work but this "darn" purse is one of the most wonderful pieces I've seen! It's so intense in color and actually looks finished to me! Couldn't leave without telling. Great inspiration!

  2. I love those purse colours too. What a pretty place to sit and sew.

  3. Anonymous4:01 AM CDT

    Thanks for the lovely stories you tell on this blog. I enjoy them so much!

    The Netherlands

  4. I think next week is supposed to be hot. We've been lucky this summer as far as heat. Love the fall though. Would love to see your garden. It looks beautiful.

  5. Oh what a delightful post. I don't know where to start. I can picture you on the golf cart, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. When I mow in the back and go around and around the two pine trees we have, were 3 but one bit the dust, I mayb go round and round several times. Guess it is the kid in us. Thankgoodness for that. lol The purse, just breathtaking and love the news of the family. Just means you have a wonderful heart. Now the dragon fly,I love them and when I go outside they are always there to greet me. I saw a bronze one Thursday and thought I didn't know you came in other colors, mabye a cousin to your beautiful red one? Your garden is like a faerie land and love seeing the pics of it. Ok gotta get off feels like I am writing you a novel. Hugs and hugs YR oh and have a fun and safe trip on the back of the motorcycle smelling and the good smells xoxox


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