Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Magazine update

Hi Peeps, I have two more issues of the magazine to put together and am getting the Autumn issue ready and wanted to ask if anyone has anything to contribute? Those submitting "how to" articles and projects and technique's chosen for publishing will receive a free printed and PDF copy of that issue. Events, your work (eye candy), and ads are all welcome at this time. Thank you.

I know Pam Kellogg is busy getting her first issue ready as well as a CQ calendar. To answer questions, yes, I will still be doing calendars and project books from time to time. I can't stop sharing,lol.

You still have time to send submissions for the Autumn issue as well as the Winter issue.

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  1. Pat I never did send you the pics of the stone angels I made into a book.

    they might be good for the winter issue as they are all shades of gray, white and black if I remember right.

    My photography probably is not the best but let me know if you want to see them.



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