Monday, July 07, 2014

Blissful visits,new projects, and beautiful weekend with family

I hope you all had a safe and fun fourth of July. The days pass so quickly, I have only taken time to post a bit on facebook so I will catch up here for those who don't waste time there,lol.

As I mentioned previously, my brother and SIL got to visit for the month of June. We met at the beach one morning and we happened to have perfect weather for it.
Mila overwhelmed by the smooth pebbles on the shore.
 Steve searching for mermaid tears.
 Sharing their finds.
 Mila found the biggest, a green one!
This was their last day to play. That evening we had a cookout and they spent the night. The month passed too quickly but we had a lot of fun and memories were made.
My bud Jilly kindly drove us to the hotel in Chicago so they wouldn't have to rush to the airport the next day. We had to get final photos of course.

 Thanks Jilly! I owe you!

For my last update I was just finishing neck pouches for great nieces in Hawaii but a week later I'm happy to say that I am ready to assemble the purses and clutches for my sis in law and nieces. My sis in law was helpful in choosing the colors so hopefully each of them will enjoy their crazy quilt bag made with love.

This will be Mila's clutch.
 This is Sophia's purse
 Stephanie's purse
Jasmine's clutch
My nephew Warren's soon to be bride's wedding clutch
Along with the three finished great niece's neck pouches
So with all the excitement from the wedding and visits from friends and family, we had a quiet fourth of July weekend. Ed and Megan came over and stayed a few nights. We had quite a storm last weekend and lost our power for two days but St. Joe was hit harder and the kids were without power all week. They were happy to get some relief this weekend. We just hung out here and had burgers, watermelon and the usual cookout fare. It was relaxing for all and enjoyable to chat and catch up on the newlyweds.

Yesterday DH suggested a bike ride before it got too hot so after breakfast I grabbed my lemon drops and we jumped on the bike and headed East. Ended up a bit North in Michigan where we fueled up.
As we rode past several roadside rose bushes, the sweet rose scent was so strong I closed my eyes and inhaled all I could. It was amazing. It reminded me of the quiet dark ride home from St Joe after the wedding. I had the moon roof open and all windows down driving past the many spirea bushes along the road in several yards. The aroma was constant and soothing as I thought of the newlyweds beginning their life together with such a beautiful wedding with friends and family. I was so glad his Aunts and Uncles could attend. It was so special.

On the way home we had lunch at the Hacienda. Wet burritos, way too big but we tackled them as best as we could. Yes, they came home with us.
 A little FYI, do not eat lemon drops if you're going to have hot salsa. Yowza!!!!
Now I'm going to go for a swim so I'll leave you with a pic of my sweet friend in Texas, Annette. I love this photo of her.

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  1. Hi Pat
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family and that is what it is all about.

    Your nieces will be so happy when they see what you have made for them. Great Auntie.



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