Saturday, June 14, 2014

Catching up

The days are flying by as I try to enjoy each one. The honeymooners arrive home this evening so I don't have additional wedding photos yet.

I did have an amazing time with Jilly and her mom at the Bead and Button show in Wisconsin. It was my pleasure to meet Susan Shufelt. Susan was taking classes but made time to meet and I was glad she did. She is a very nice fellow CQer.
 Before I forget to share, I wanted to introduce you to a special lady. I met Ralonda Patterson several years ago online when I had started the comfort doll project. She donated a beaded doll and She had used a gorgeous bead which I commented on so we exchanged beads. Soon afterward she was making "Willow", a beaded tree and she liked the metal leaf charms I sent her so I send more and she used them on Willow. Willow was in a contest in 2009. I wish you could see her in person.

 So, after years and a computer crash, I lost contact with her until the Bead and Button show I just attended in WI. I recognized Willow standing there under glass and my heart raced...could it be Ralonda's Willow? I looked closer and saw the tiny metal leaves and knew my friend had to be close by. I asked the gentleman in the booth and was told she just took off to lunch so I roamed around and returned to meet the sweet gal from Texas who was so kind and generous to me. I returned after a while and there she was, heading toward me with arms outstretched. I held back tears of excitement to finally meet her.
  She gave me a big hug and I returned it. I felt as if I were meeting a superstar, which of course I was :-) I didn't want to let her go. We talked a bit and she presented me with this adorable beaded fish named Stumpy. It is her original pattern. I love it, and yes, it is purple. Top view looking down.
Side view of Stumpy.

I wear her on a silver chain and study it often. Thank you soooo much Ralonda :-) Ralonda has an etsy shop too, so check her out from time to time.

The past few days I've been working in the garden in between activities keeping it fairly dead headed so I can enjoy stitching in it during "down time". Yesterday was a sunny somewhat cool day so mom, my brother and sis in law took me strawberry picking with them at Garwood orchard. It was fun and reminded me of when we were young and took grandma. You couldn't get her out of the field,LOL.

Mom had a great time as you can see. 
 My brother Steve .....
 threw rotten strawberries at me so my shirt is stained as well as my fingers.
 Steve and sis in law Mila.
Strawberry pickers!
After we picked two baskets which I think equaled 10 pounds, we shopped the farmers store. Mila is picking through salt water taffy to send home to grandchildren in Hawaii. I confess, I bought some too :-)
 I had packed a picnic and bought a few things at the farmers shop and we stopped at Bluhms Park for a picnic.

Today we went to a Bison farm. It was interesting I must say. I didn't know Bison didn't have upper teeth. That is why they scoop up grass instead of biting it. The heads on these animals are bigger than I thought.

 We bought some bison jerky which was pretty good. Then we had lunch at Applebee's. My salad was so huge I split it three ways. How embarrassing! It was delicious though.

 Tomorrow my other brother is hosting a father's day rib fest. I'm bringing the strawberry shortcakes and corn on the cob. Hopefully it is another cool breezy sunny day like the past two.

I just learned my niece Katy from CA is coming to visit us. Having Nicole here last month was excitement enough, now I get a couple days with katy too!!!
 I'm very excited to see that little sweet girl. This summer has been so busy but I am enjoying it. No pressures, just fun enjoyment. I have more visiting ahead of me and I'm going to slow down and enjoy every minute. Life is good.

So I'm off to the garden again. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Anonymous3:37 AM CDT

    Love reading your blog, Pat! You have such a great life! Enjoy it!

    Hugs, Jolande (The Netherlands)

  2. Hi MB so love reading your blog and catching up with you and your doings. Stumpy, the strawberries and bison and all meeting new and old friends What a delight. Applebee's is one of my favorite places to eat also and one day I will grow up and eat all my food. I think I always have a to go box to bring home for another meal. Hugs and xoxoxoxo

  3. What beautiful times!!! I can not get over the tree and the way she used those metal leaves!!!! I have a bunch of those and never thought of actually using them as tree leaves...duh! Keep those happy memories going!!!! I love the one of your Mom bending down to pick strawberries ~ shes so full of spunk!!!!

  4. Oh I love strawberries, looks like you guys had fun!! Glad to see your mom looks so good, don't over work her. I'm retiring in 5 weeks and 4 days, not that I'm counting!!

  5. Renee Shedivy9:39 AM CDT

    Was sad I couldn't attend the Milw bead show this year as it's so close to me but even more devastated when I learned you would be there. Would have loved to catch up a bit. Glad you had such a great time here in WI!!!


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