Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Busy days with family

So where do I begin? After the strawberry picking and the visit to the Bison farm I took a trip to Portland MI with my bro and sis. We went to visit one of Mila's friends from the Philippines who worked with her at Macy's in Hawaii.We stayed at a Best Western that had several tall straight back chairs which of course Steve had to sit in each one claiming to be the Mad Hatter.
 We sat in the lounge for a cool drink and some laughs.
 Steve can't behave for a second as you can see above.

Mila's friend Joy and her family were so nice. It was a very pleasant visit, even with the downpour, thunder and lightening because we were safely sitting around the diner table eating a variety of delicious Philippine dishes. Thank you Joy!
The day after we returned home my niece Katie and her boyfriend came to visit. Remember my little Katie from CA? Well as I was waiting at the train station my bud Dawn and her granddaughters stopped to say hi. It was great because Dawn got to meet Nicole's sweet daughter.
Dawn and some of her adorable granddaughters.
 I took them to the beach since we were only about a mile away. Here are two great kids(young adults)....Trevor and Katie.
Me and my sweet Katie
 Katie immediately found this heart shaped rock. It is perfect!
 We later went to the outlet mall near the lake. My brother and sis were in the area and they got to meet Katie and Trevor.

The next day we headed to St Joe to shop and ride the carousel. We had the best coffee drinks at the Chocolate Cafe' Yummo!
 Then had a bite at Tosi's. (Nicole, I see why you loved Tosi's)

 Kids will be kids............

We slipped by to see Ed and Megan.
Then circled back to ride the carousel. This is a great picture isn't It?
 Later that evening we went to the beach to watch the sun set.....and find more mermaid tears.

The next morning I took them to the station and we bid farewell for now.

 It was sad to say bye but I was so happy for the time we had and to meet Trevor. He is such a respectful and fun young man. Good taste Katie :-)

The next day I headed to the beach early. It was foggy but I strolled along thinking about the fun I've had the past month and how busy I have been and am going to be. I found this sand castle and smiled. Simple times may have passed but I still stumble upon things that allow me to think back to those carefree days of  feet kicking up sand as I race my brothers to the waters edge giggling all the way.

 I am fortunate to get to enjoy the people in my life and thankful to have them. The ones I keep in thought as well as the ones I get to see in person on occasion. Life is good.

I did slip in some stitching time. A few little projects for family. These will be little purses for great niece's in Hawaii.
 More to come, I must get ready for mom's Doctor appointment. Have a great day!


  1. Such happy pictures. You are truly blessed. All the best.

  2. I always build a sand castle when I go to the beach for 3 reasons,where else can a mermaid find her knight in shining armour.How are the kids of today gonna learn how to build one if we don't show them and because it brings smiles to so many faces.

  3. Katie looks just like you!!! what a great time you've had…so happy for you!

  4. I can't believe how much your beautiful Katie looks like you!!! She could be your daughter!!!!

  5. Such a wonderful time! WE build sand castle's at the beach. Actually, I watch and take pictures and Hubby and the kids build sand castle's. Love those memories ...And your purses are amazing...I am getting closer to not being a chicken??? and making something...So many things happening around's crazy.
    hugs to you,


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