Thursday, June 05, 2014

Beautiful wedding

Well peeps the wedding is behind us and it was beautiful. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding and the ceremony was held in a beautiful location in St. Joe Michigan.
The newlyweds seem to be pretty happy to me :-)
The Best man and Maid of Honor, Neil Nicholson ans Ashley NiCole were great.Neil grew up with ed and I consider him my other son. Ashley is Megan's best bud and she is such a sweetie.
The thrilled parents of the groom.
Shadowland Ballroom at Silver Beach was beautiful.
 My candy buffet was a big hit! All the time spent gathering was well worth it.
 Mr and Mrs Edward Winter
 My beautiful sis in law from CA, Nicole, stayed with me a few nights and kept me sane as did my friends. What would we do without friends??????

 Thank you Nicole :-) Thank you Karen Radiger for all your help with the dress hunt, candy bar and confidence that I could pull this off. You are tops! Leslie Kenreich, I wish I could have given you a hug, sick or not, I cannot believe you came to share this event with me. Hugs my friend, please feel better very soon.

Thank you to all our friends who shared this special day with us, even in thought (SP). Also my brother Steve and his wife Mila who traveled from Hawaii to join us on this special day. And for Mila who brightened the day and made 30 leis to give to family members the night before the wedding. Mila, you are awesome. Thanks to you both for being with mom, it was so wonderful that she could attend with your help. I know she enjoyed herself.

Ed's uncles and aunts were there and it was so great to have them with us, I know it meant a lot to Ed too. I wish I had more time to spend with them but I was in a daze of exhaustion and didn't snap out of it until the following day. I hope they know their presence was appreciated.

 Here's to the Newlyweds...we love you!


  1. Oh Pat! what a fantastic day for Everyone!
    I'm going to my Nephews' wedding in just over a months' time........still haven't got an outfit together!
    Thank you for sharing the day with us and I love the 'Candy Corner'!
    NOW, rest up and revive yourself, nurses' orders!


    Sandie xxx

  2. Good morning dear MB, oh what a treat to get to share this special occasion. The Candy Bar looked perfect, I had no doubts. Now take a big breath and off you go to conquer other quests. The weather looked awesome for the wedding and that was Mother Nature's blessing to them. You know how MN can be pretty finicky as she has been all year. Hugs and hugs and thanks for sharing this special time in your life with us. xoxoxoxoo YRoT

  3. They are a gorgeous couple. Your son is so handsome and she's adorable. Wished I wasn't sick, still doctoring for this nasty respritory infection. I'm FREE in 7 weeks forever! I'm burning my uniforms!! I'm planning on spending more time with you. I'm scared and excited. It will be an adventure. Hugs--Leslie

  4. You were blessed to have such a beautiful day... It's a portent for happy days to follow for the couple... Take a deep breath and relax. You deserve it...

  5. Pat, what a lovely couple! I'm so happy to hear that it was beautiful day for everyone. And oh, that candy bar! What a cool idea! For my wedding, my mom did a sweet table loaded with gorgeous baked goods that mom, of course, made herself! Hugs to you!

  6. It certainly looks like the perfect wedding. Bride was beautiful and the groom handsome. Congrats to them and your family. By the way, I love the candy bar. It looks beautiful as only you could do. All the very best.

  7. What a beautiful wedding! Everyone looks so nice. Congratulations and yea for the candy bar!

  8. Congratulations to the happy couple (and the happy parents too!). Looks like an absolutely beautiful wedding!!

  9. How lovely.Thanks for sharing the happy memories with us.

  10. A beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Ed and Megan. Lovely photos of the couple and the groom's parents too.

  11. A beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Ed and Megan. Lovely photos of the couple and the groom's parents too.

  12. Oh my...can't stop the tears! Reading this and getting lost in the pics , well Patsy Girl is just turned out as beautiful as I knew it would. You and John look absolutely gorgeous!!! Ed and Megan look completely in love! Wow!!!! I tried to get a closer look at all those goodies on the table, everyone must have gone crazy over it! I'm so happy for the whole Winter Family and can't WAIT for you to be a Grama :)

  13. Pat,
    What a great family event! Your "Candy Bar" looks amazing. The entire event is gorgeous. I don't know what having my son get married will be like, but I know it will be a wonderful day! Congratulations! you enjoy the rest of summer! You deserve it!


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