Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time is flying!

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last entry. I start to write then I have to do something else and get busy then erase what I wrote to start again but I never get to finish, so I am taking a break from the magazine to post something.....anything,LOL.

I haven't had much stitching time. I don't think I shared these here. I made a couple of small pouches.
And another purse but didn't photograph it finished yet.
This one with Shibori is finished and in my etsy shop.
Yes, I do love working with Shibori. It was meant for crazy quilting  I'm sure of it :-)
I had a play date with Jilly and asked if I could share her gorgeous bracelet.
I had a chance to walk the beach with my bud Karen. We found some treasures and dug for crinoids. It was a beautiful day!
The shower was very nice. Megan received beautiful gifts in all of her lovely colors. How fun! My friends Dawn,Laney and Nancy were there and we goofed off as if we had been drinking loaded punch but I promise we had not. When we get together we just feed off each other and it gets crazy. I'm sure you have friends like that. If not, I recommend you get some....its great for stress relief.

 By the way, the punch was so refreshing. Megan had a good time and Ed arrived at the end to whisk her away...
...but not before I got a picture of the three of us.
Well, I spread all of the mulch but perhaps a yard or less. When weather permitted, I played in the garden. The area where I hang my hammock is all cleaned up from the fallen tree debris and I have planted, mulched and DH put up an old rusty fence to keep critters from trampling it. Photos soon.

Mom asked for an Oriole feeder for Mother's Day and my friend Jan had just told me her sweet husband Jim made her one so....I made one for mom from an old bud vase, a dome from a butter dish and a plate.
I snapped this photo yesterday of an Oriole already enjoying the grape jelly treat. Mom is thrilled with too.
 Ed and Megan sent me a beautiful bouquet of Roses and Alstromeria (sp) for Mother's Day. They opened yesterday and are so pretty. The Lilacs bloomed on Saturday so I couldn't resist adding a few to the bouquet for the scent.

 A few weeks ago I bought DH a remote control helicopter, a mini one to fly in the house. Well, as I've known for 33 years, he is still a child because when I was stitching he would fly it over to bother me. It is a cute little thing and he seemed to enjoy it so I ordered two more for Megan and Ed. I guess I might need one next,LOL.

My friend Jan just finished this book and it sounded like my kind of story so when the wedding is over I am going to read it in the hammock. I can't wait.  Thanks for the recommendation Jan :-)
 So as you see, I have been busy as a bee. Dress shopping has taken up many of my days. I'm a jeans gal, and I am hard to please and fit when it comes to anything else. I've narrowed it down, I think. Two weeks until my son is married and I get a daughter. Excited? You bet!
Until next time, enjoy your days.

P.S.~ I'm still accepting any crazy quilt news on shows or meetings, crazy quilt or embroidery tutorials, book reviews, ads (one spot open) or eye candy. Send it in, get published. Share your creativity and be proud!


  1. Phew - I think I need a nap after reading all that you've been up to! Enjoy the excitement of the wedding and the new daughter you will be getting. I have two daughters-in-love and they're both pretty special.

  2. I'm sure you've been more than busy.Can't wait to get retired so I can get some stuff done around here. March dragged on forever but April and May are flying.
    Your pictures are so fun to look at. Have a great day! Rest!

  3. Sounds like you have been and are very, very busy! The wedding plans sound wonderful...and can't wait to see photos of your dress!

  4. Renee Shedivy7:15 AM CDT

    Saw a piece on Humming Needles on FaceBook that looks like yours yet I thought HN was from Romania? Am I crazy or is that your name on FB? Love what you're doing with Shibori.

  5. Pat,
    You have been busy, away from the computer, too, like me! I have done lots of hauling of things and am ready for a massage or two, it will take more than one to get this soreness out! I love your rocks, especially the white one, it looks similar to a heart! fun! Beach glass is always so cool!
    My hubby and sons in law have LOVED the helicopters! I still haven't tried to fly one... The bird feeder is beautiful! I never would have thought of that. I don't know if we have Orioles around here. I will have to look into it. I have had a hummingbird feeder up for a few years, but no birds ever came. Maybe out outside cats keep them away. My Mom-in-law has them all the time. I hope to get some fun creating done, but I have been organizing and working in the yard. Love your creations!

  6. Hi my busy lady MB, you have been busy I know the wedding is soon. don't know how you have had time to even write this post. Love the Shibori ribbon work and you have me hooked on it. Yes I do agree it was made for CQ I can just embellish it up a Texas storm. The bird feeder? I beautiful love it and I use to have bud vases like that and when moved the first time probably 8 years now I gave them all away. See? I should never throw anything away. lol have fun and so enjoy this whole process of the wedding my dear Hugs and hugs YRoT xoxoxo

  7. Getting around to all my favorite blogs after a 3 week stint with acute bronchitis. You look so sweet with your son and soon to be daughter in law. Good looking all three of you ! I am sure the wedding will be beautiful.
    I love what you are sewing. I must get some Shibori . Beautiful work Pat.


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