Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finished a purse and rambling....

Yesterday morning after cleaning and laundry I decided to take a ride to St. Joe to see the kids. I wanted mom to go but she was not in the traveling mood. It was mild and sunny and I had a nice drive. I stopped at Michaels to browse and waste time because I wanted to pick up lunch for them and didn't want to be too early. So, I took my time and checked out areas I never go to. It was interesting with all the Easter stuff out. Cute decorating items too.

I picked up lunch and enjoyed the visit. I almost stopped at the lake to see how much ice had melted but decided to wait and check back next month. On the way home I picked up a pizza for DH. That freed up my evening to stitch so I finished one of the purses I'm working on.

 I used an embroidered fabric I dyed for the back. It is textured and I poxed the dye for an unusual look. 

I like it and plan on dyeing more. It is a heavy/mid weight cotton, sort of canvas like.
Now back to embellishing the other one this evening. It is another sunny day so I think I'm going to take a walk and go through the garden and take notes on what needs to be done. The electric company cut large branches off my Red bud tree and that is not a happy thing. I'm sure they were damaged from the fallen Hickory tree during the storm months ago and they just cleaned it up, but it is where my hammock goes and I swing and look up at the pretty pink blooms. After the wedding I'm putting all my energy into the garden. I'm planning on a covered area with plants liking filtered sunlight so mom can join me for tea and lunches this year. Her meds don't allow her to be in the sun for very long.

Well, I'm off for my walk. I hope you enjoy your day.


  1. Good morning MB, the purse is beautiful and the back is like a piece of art all by it's self. funny isn't it the garden never is finished. Ever. Always a work in progress of some sort. I know the kids were in for a treat with the lunch and DH loved the pizza. Sounds like you had a great MB day and loved hearing about it. Have a great weekend with those flying fingers and your CQ art. xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh forgot to say I love your new banner with your new work, pics of you and Mom and of Angell. xoox

  3. Pat -- just a reminder -- there's another Hunt & Gather show on March 27 and 28 in Crown Point (you need prepurchased tickets for March 27).

  4. Pat, that purse is gorgeous!!!! And I can only imagine what your garden looks like! I love flowers and I love to be outside but gardening isn't my favorite thing to do. I guess I'd rather be stitching! LOL!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Pat,
    Lovely purse! So pretty! The embroidered dyed fabric on the back is amazing! It looks similar to the pink sqaure beeds you used on the strap! So lovely.

    I have been painting an armoire for my master bedroom these last few days! I think once I get that done, I will let myself make a purse! After the hours of painting, it will be relaxing to sit and make the purse. Thank goodness you include everything in the kit. I have all of these items, or similar items, SOMEWHERE in my sewing room, but the thought of organizing that completely before I start to try the CQing also overwhelms me. I will get there, but it is NOT the next thing on my list! I hope to get it done before the end of summer, but we will see. So, glad I have your kit! I also have one from Shannon and so between the both your kits, and all the beauties you included, I may be able to make many purses BEFORE that room is organized! I DO know exactly where my purse clasps are! LOL
    I can see that a purse is an excellent project for me to start on. It is not so overwhelming as even this armoire is to me! I just magnify things in my mind so much...I see it would be in my best interest to eliminate that self defeating behavior.
    Love all your is inspiring!

  6. What a gorgeous purse. Fairies are so very in these days that she just adds to the overall wonderfulness..One of these days I will purchase a purse from you..I love them.

  7. Hi Pat,
    I love the banner too with your Mom. Your purse is gorgeous as is all your work. I finally have a new craft room and can start again. I found a little herb pillow that you made for all of us in the RR. I treasure it.
    Take care


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