Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goofing off until Spring arrives

Well, I got the first 2014 issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings published, three more to go before I hopefully hand the publication over to a new owner. It has been a fun venture and I've enjoyed every moment except when I had 20 things going on at once near publishing deadline,LOL. It has certainly helped keep me entertained and that helped a lot during lifes not so pleasant times. If you have anything you want to see in the magazine, send it to me.
I hate to give it up but DH is retiring this year and I don't want an obligation to anything so I can just go when he wants or just veg with no deadlines buzzing in my head.

Also, my mother is needing more care as her forgetfulness is becoming more evident each time I see her. I want to spend as much time kicking up my heels with her.  There were many times I had to put the magazine above her needs and I regret that.
Also, there is the new member of our family joining us soon. Megan, will be my daughter in law although I already feel she is my "daughter",LOL, on May 31st. I'm excited that Ed's uncles and aunts will be attending since we rarely get to see them.

I will continue to blog, create, Pin, and possibly get off Facebook, but mostly keep to myself as I enjoy my family, friends, my garden and my health.After all, that is what I love most.That is who I am. I'm not competitive and I've never wanted to be "out in the world" when I was so comfortable just being me. The magazine was just something I thought would be fun to try, then BOOM! It exploded and became something I would have never imagined. It took over and I continued putting it out thinking each issue would be my last but instead of dropping in popularity, it grew. But now, while it is doing so well, I want to hand it over to a fellow crazy quilter to continue so others can enjoy what they have come to count on, a crazy quilt dedicated paper magazine to hold and carry out to the garden, subway, wherever they wish. It will be a bittersweet transition.

So yesterday I got to spend time with my bud Laney. We went to our favorite shops and found some goodies. I bought a juicer and we stopped to buy veggies. I'm going to try a seven day juice cleanse. Laney doesn't think I can do it, and although I may have to clip a clothespin to my nose to drink the green stuff, I'm determined to give it three days. I bet I feel great next Sunday...I'll let you know. I'm hoping to not sit and stitch as much this year, I started my Pilates which I love, and the next step is eating better. I can't say it will happen immediately, but I have confidence that I can do this. However, I may still need a Hershey kiss or a Twizzler once in a while :-)
I'm off to visit mom and a million other things today, so behave and enjoy whatever your day brings.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're passing the magazine on Pat, but I also understand why. It has to be a huge commitment of time on your part. It will be interesting to see who takes over the reins and carries on what you started. Perhaps it might end up being several people working together. No matter what happens, take time to enjoy your life.

  2. Best wishes to you Pat! I am happy to see you getting your life back for your sake. Time to stop and smell the roses...
    Thank you for creating this magazine for us all and I hope to see it continue in the same vein as you started it.

  3. Hello MB I am so so proud of youfor doing what you want to do. My hubby says we are relaxed retire and girl y'all will love it. I am sad about the magazine but there just comes a time in life when you have to do for you and yours and you are like me in many ways. Just doing my thing. Yes let us know about the juice thingie, I won't do it but let us know. Have a great day and give your Mom a hello and hug for me. xooxoxxo

  4. Good for you, Dahlink! Can I retire with you, lol?
    I know hubby, Mom, creating, blogging, pinning and Etsy (?) will keep you PLENTY busy. Your magazine has been a great inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for having the vision and running with it. Lots of ((hugs)), Liz

  5. Renee Shedivy8:19 AM CST

    Congratulations to you Pat, on so many levels. We should all think like you do and value what's really important in life. You started a great magazine and hopefully it will continue and give you many hours of enjoyment also. Hopefully you'll be featured often and won't it be fun read it and not have to publish it? And I hope this will give you more time to play with your friends in your fabulous studio. We always talk about heading your way again but I guess we need to clear some things from our busy lives, just as your example. All the best to you and "retirement"!!! Hugs.


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