Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beautiful day

The sun is out and snow is melting with the warmer temperatures. It was lovely yesterday too but I was busy indoors.
This morning I took mom for a little shopping trip and to lunch. She hasn't been away from home for any length of time in quite a while. She really enjoyed herself. When I took her home I did her hair and she was perky again. We were waiting for an elderly lady to park a motorized scooter cart and I helped her off and she looked at mom and said wait until you get my age, you will wish you had one. Mom told her she was 83 and couldn't be younger than her, the lady had a shocked look on her face and said she was only 75. Mom felt pretty good.

So, last weekend Jilly asked me to attend a bead show with her and of course I went. It was in Niles IL, the Intergalactic Bead show. It wasn't huge like the Bead and Button in WI, but it was fun getting out and we did find a few new things to add to our stash. The vendors were very friendly and had great prices.
I used scraps of Shibori to make us a dragonfly brooch which looks more like butterflies. The instructions are by Shibori Girl.

The roads were pretty clear this time, so it wasn't a bad trip weather wise. I took a few photos as we were heading out of Chicago. Another fun outing.

Ed and Megan came by on Saturday. They went to visit Megan's mom who was in the hospital. She will be fine thank goodness. The three of us will be meeting at the wedding venue next Tuesday to talk out the details. Her mom is really sweet too. I feel like we are already family.

I gave Megan her peacock birthday purse and she loved it. I got a hug :-)
It seems all I can think about is the wedding. gathering candy for the buffet is such hard work,LOL. I want it to be perfect for them. So many little time. But I cannot wait for the vows to be exchanged. I have my tissues ready,LOL.

DH just got home so I'm going to make a salad and he is grilling. We must take advantage of this spring like weather. Have a wonderful evening!


  1. I've never been to a bead show but it looks like I need too! How fun!

  2. LOL! Re- your Mums' age and the other womans' age! I guess her face was a real'picture'! A testament to your hairdressing skills maybe?
    Oooh the bead fair looked good.


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