Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Projects on the table

The past three days I conducted an experiment. I selected three images featuring similar colors. I chose the fabrics and a few embellishments for one on Monday, another fabric gathering for image #2 on Tuesday, then just now I chose the fabrics for the last image. I put away each days selection so I wouldn't copy from them. These were my results.
Monday selection>>>>>>>>Light and somewhat "Spring" oriented.

Tuesday selections>>>>>>>>Brighter colors, "happy" feeling
Wednesday selections>>>>>>>>>>Earthy drab colors (my favorite) Calming.
So why did I do this? I was curious if the color choices reflected my mood. I'm happy to say they do not. Although this morning I had a fun conversation with a perky friend so I would have expected the brighter colors if they were chosen for mood however, the relaxing muted colors were chosen.

No, this experiment means nothing, just have some time on my hands,LOL.

Anyway, the snow is coming down again in those big beautiful snowflakes that waltz down from the heavens and you just wish they weren't so polluted so you could go catch them on your tongue. So pretty to watch. Mesmerizing.

Have a beautiful day, I'm off to stitch!


  1. Oh, I think this experiment told a lot. Your choice of colors is not effected by your mood, don't you think? Of the 3, the second is the only one I would select no matter what my mood. I like bright lively color always.

    I have been meaning to ask if you will recommend a source for purse frames. I have looked around the web and haven't seen any really unique ones and I know you have all the great resourses. Even if it is a shop in our area...I live in Osceola.

    Thanks...and you got more snow than we did. I was raised in MC so I know how that goes!!
    Happy New Year.

  2. I like them all. Pulling together fabrics and embellishments is one of my favorite things to do and is generally the reason I have so much trouble tidying up my work space. Things keep calling to one another. Where do you get your fabric prints with the lovely ladies?

  3. Hi Pat, BJ Sandusky all three color choices, tho I have never thought to do an experiment like that! I have so many color faves that it's sometimes hard to chose one...lately it's been more of the Jewel tones...wish we had some of your snow...we are so dry it's incredible, actually our farmers need the melt off, but we won't have much...could get dumped on in Feb!!! Love the little snow that a copyrighted item or can we use her...wouldn't want to step on any toes!!! Love to see what you do with these you...BJ

  4. I love yr work wish I knew how to crazy quilting. tfs
    also love the snow and we are getting some here on Saturday. creative hugs......milissa

  5. Even when you put colors together,it's amazing. You have such an eye for color. Love the bright one in the middle. Usually I like muted colors better but I do like the bright one. Now, snow!! That's a dumber!!

  6. Even when you put colors together,it's amazing. You have such an eye for color. Love the bright one in the middle. Usually I like muted colors better but I do like the bright one. Now, snow!! That's a dumber!!

  7. I love all three color schemes. I can't wait to see what beauty you create with each.I also want to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my studio board on Pinterest, and the comment you left today of facebook for my studio storage . . . Thank you, Sondra

  8. Oh what a wonderful play time with the images and fabric. Guess each and every little gal spoke to you in a different way. Now can't wait to see what you make and create with them. Now even thought the drab colors are drab you always make them sing and sing loudly. Love all the fabrics you chose and of couse the beads. Can you have to many beads? I think not.

    Now the snow, well guess you could catch some with your tongue but may grow an extra leg or eye or some strange thing like that. Ashame isn't it? I remember doing that years ago and eating snow ice cream when we lived in Washington state. Years ago. Daddy was in the Army and we moved around. Little travelers I guess.

    Hugs and off I go, just came in and saw this and thought before I cover grandson's ottoman for him I will write ya.
    Hugs and xoxoxoxo

  9. That's half the joy in a project, just selecting the colours and notions etc. These are all lovely, especially your 'ladies'
    Looking forward to seeing the finished projects.

  10. They are all gorgeous but I, like you, feel in harmony with the last selection!
    Hope all is going well for you Pat!

  11. All of your picks are different, but all most beautiful. I find that mood does effect what fabrics, etc. I want to work with on a particular day. Take care.

  12. Pat, I LOVE the last selection...I LOVE DRAB I guess! LOL Please sell a version of that in your Etsy shop! I will buy it! Each pack is gorgeous but that last one speaks to me. warms my heart.


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