Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi Peeps!!!!!!
Its been a long time hasn't it? I've been scurried out of the bushes by sweet friends concerned about my well being. Didn't mean to disappear, it has just been busy in a good way around here.
Our Holidays were wonderful. Ed and Megan got to stay three nights with us which was the nicest unexpected gift I could have received. It was great to have them in the house and I got to fix breakfast for more than one,LOL.
DH is doing fine, mom is doing fine, all is well. DH returned to work on Wednesday because LaPorte was shut down because of snow and freezing temps. If caught on the road you were ticketed and sent home unless of emergency. We were fine with that. I miss him when he returns to work, yes, I said miss him :-) Being a loner and needing my space, I would get anxious thinking about his 6 weeks in the winter off, wondering if I would pull my hair out or what, but after a week I get into another schedule and all is well. I like to clean when no one is home so I don't have to worry about disturbing anyone. Plus, my creative time is usually hard to plan for because I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of crafter. Planning isn't a part of it including time. So, I don't have much time because I'm meeting my bud Dawn at noon. I haven't seen her since before Christmas either. We need to catch up.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. It went very well but I always get so nervous. I think of ways to cancel and play them over and over again in my head knowing I can't, or shouldn't. So I went and am very happy for another 6 weeks. Well actually until the 27th, he found a pin cavity he wants to take care of. Better now than when it spreads I guess. My dentist is the best. Afterwards I picked up brunch for mom and me a latte since I was numb and couldn't eat. We had a nice visit but she sure isn't getting around too good but feels fine, or so she says. We laughed, talked about my nose and how we need face lifts by our cheeks and laugh lines. I told her I must laugh in my sleep to have such deep ones. I've had them for sooooo long. She said it has to do with high cheek bones, so I'm going with that excuse :-) I'm just glad we are both together to laugh about ourselves.

Tomorrow I take in her kitten, Payton, to be neutered. I wish it wasn't me because he may associate me with pain and a scarey experience. I'm more of a dog person, but this little guy has got me sucked in. He follows me from the moment I walk in the door until I leave. Even to the bathroom. We named him Payton, but we don't know why. It just came about, so his name is Payton if I mention him, you know who I'm speaking of. I snapped this yesterday when he was sleeping in the chair next to me. He has the longest whiskers.
I've been stitching, printing, cutting, and anything in between. I bought some digital downloads for the magazine art and found some must have images to play with. I can't wait to start a project with them. By the way, if anyone has anything for the magazine, send it in. Anyone submitting an article or how to receives a free copy of that issue. I welcome contributions because we all enjoy learning or being inspired by various sources. We all have our own method and that is a wonderful thing.So the  Spring issue is in the works and submissions for ads, news on upcoming classes, shows, eye candy are welcome. For those who bought a 2014 subscription, thank you , and yours will be ordered first.

As some of you may have been experiencing, the snowfall and arctic chill has settled in our area and it has been colder than cold. I went to the mailbox and my face hurt. I had planned a trip to Fishman's with my pal Jilly, but the snow prohibited us from going last weekend. I'm thinking we should give it another week to allow for Chicago to get up and running again. we come!

I was browsing online and looked up my home that used to be a camp for Chicago children years after it was built and found this photo of my house. I love the picket fence and wish it were still here. The house looks pretty much the same. I also learned it was built in 1823, the year my father was born, (100 yrs later that is). That is cool beans (as my bud Dawn would say).

The trees you see must have fallen years ago. I think the fence is overgrown with roses, don't you? I bet they were pink.

So, that is a little history of my MIA. I better get going to meet Dawn in a bit. I have repacked my emergency kit for my car. Other than a flashlight, tissues, warm fuzzy blanket, I pack a handy kit. Do you?
 I have water,gatorade,crackers,granola and fruit bar,sucker,LOL.....beef jerky my brother makes(yum), extra gloves,foot and hand warmers,candles and matches, gummy vitamins, gauze. I figure if I need anything else while in a ditch, its in my purse :-)
Have a great day!


  1. Wow, you may have been MIA, but this long post certainly makes up for it! I'm glad to hear that all is well and it was good to catch up on all your news. And my goodness, isn't Payton a handsome fella? Thats a lovely photograph of him.

  2. Love your posts, and the kitten is adorable...I have three but I love dogs too...
    I know you have been busy with the holidays, but you didn't send me a copy of the last issue with my article and I think I would like to send it to a friend...Hugs....

  3. Sorry...should have said my name....Cheese Hunters is BJ Sandusky!!!!

  4. There you are, was thinking this morning I am going to call Pat today. I thought maybe you went on a tropical vacation : ) well in your heart anyway. Love Peyton looks like our Lulu who we got to love for 17 years. Have fun and stitch to your hearts content. I knew I saw a thing where Indiana was closed but wow it really was. Hugs and glad you got the dentist over with. Off for now and keep warm and have fun with your visit with Dawn. xooxxoxo YRoT

  5. Glad to hear things are moving again there. I'm really fed up with the snow. I've had to use my snowblower too much. Hope hubby is feeling better. After I retire, I want to go to Fishmans too!! Hugs--Leslie

  6. So happy to hear that DH is doing well. All the prayers said must have worked. Always good to know everyone in your family is doing well. You are so blessed that you still have your Mom. I miss my parents every day, but I will see them one day. Peyton is adorable. It's good that you Mom has him in her life. They bring so much joy to ones life. My three rescued furballs are such a blessing to me. I do still miss my dogs who lived to be 14 and 16. At one time I thought I would get another one, but at some time in life you realize that dogs sometimes take energy you no longer have.

  7. Glad to hear that things are going well for your family Pat. Sorry I don't have anything to contribute to the magazine this time. There's been a definite stitching drought around here lately.

  8. You ahve been one busy girl! Glad you got to do whatever you wanted over the holidays! Love loking at all your yummy tings on your blog! Happy January to you!

  9. Pat,
    This house looks so similar to my Grandparents home. I loved that house.
    Such great fond memories...


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