Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just waiting for spring........................

I don't know whats wrong with me lately. I seem to be doing everything but what I should be doing. I feel like I am skipping school. I have projects to do but instead of doing them I seem to find others that take my attention. For one thing, spring has been on my mind a lot. Seed catalogs are arriving and as I thumb through the colorful pages I can't help but dream of hands in soil, butt on ground, birdsong all around and sunshine, hot bright sunshine. Oh I can't wait much longer. So I did get my kit orders completed and mailed. It took me forever to do but I don't know why. I also stopped by Jilly's work to give her the coin purse and she loved it.
  It is sooooo her. I was happy she wasn't disappointed not getting a purple one. I also made a new pin cushion yesterday and this morning. I couldn't resist this little girls shy expression. Reminds me of someone long ago :-)

I have a couple little things to do to it but basically it is finished. I have another one in the works.
Hey, is everyone excited about Superbowl Sunday? I am!!!!! Yep, I'm going to Jilly's to play. I'm fixing DH some snacky foods and tossing on my jeans and boots and off I'm going. I kind of wish I liked sports, and I have tried to enjoy them, but I'm afraid I'm just not a sports fan. I'd watch it if I have a project and DH is watching, but that is about it. I think the stadium noise turns me off. I don't like loud noises or a lot of continuous noise. It makes me anxious for some reason. So anyway, DH will be content and I'll be in my creative zone.

I spent yesterday at the Honda dealer waiting for maintenance..... 4 hours of maintenance. When I decided to go ahead and replace all tires, they kindly gave me a car to run errands, so it wasn't all bad. The new Honda Civics are nice riding little cars, but give me a CRV. I felt like a snake crawling along the road. Plus it isn't easy to get out of if you have long legs,LOL. So, guess where I went to waste time? Joann's,LOL. I browsed all the magazines, beads, books, scrapbook stuff, and stocked up on basic supplies for CQ. When I returned to the Honda shop I continued making beaded bees until they were finished.
I stopped at mom's on the way home to give Payton a motion sensor chirping bird toy filled with catnip. He wasn't sure what it was at first.
  One he got a whiff of catnip...... he wouldn't put it down.
  He carried it then swatted it and it would go flying and he'd run after it and flip it in the air and he would jump and twist in mid air to catch it. He will keep mom entertained now.

 I still made it home before DH.
Sorry I don't really have anything interesting to say in this post, I just wanted to stop by to check in so you know winter hasn't stopped me yet. Catch ya later....gotta go make something.


  1. Kitty is cute!!! I agree, can't wait til spring!! I like my SUV also, can't hardly get in and out of a car anymore.
    Joints don't work so well as time seems to wear them down. I think it will take forever for the ice to melt on the lake. Have never seen so much ice. Hope to see you in spring!!

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM CST

    That you once again and also for just a few moments making a work day a little brighter!! I will be heading home shortly to pull some creative idea's to work on Sunday! I'm excited!!!

  3. Anonymous4:21 PM CST

    and the little pincushion is adorable!!! simply perfect!!!
    can't seem to get it to show my name?? what am I doing wrong Pat??

  4. Sure seems to me that you've been busy creating wonderful things! Must be something about sitting in the car shop because that's where I spent a couple of hours yesterday too.

  5. Pat, I can see that Jilly loved her coin purse! It is GORGEOUS!!! I am so excited about getting a kit, Your pictures are so gorgeous and inspiring!

    The cat will be great entertainment. I have two Grandkitties that LOVE to play with things like that. Glad you had fun a JoAnn Fabrics. They have some great things there, and are having a good sale, at ours here.
    Have a fun creative weekend!

  6. Hi Pat, miss you truly.
    Love how you stay with the CQ and are so inspirational.
    I hope the cold is over soon, numbs the brain a bit I always think, even in Hawaii where we are very chilly too.
    I go blue when I swim.
    Love hearing from you
    aloha Lilla

  7. Oh my dear MB always love what you have to say. The purse oh my it is so pretty and the little pin cushion is to cute. But the kitty doing it's little flip flops and playing is priceless. I love the way they play. Our last precious kitty entertained us for 17 years. Your Mom will just giggle and love that sweet kitty. Have fun this weekend stitching can't wait to see what you make with the ribbon. Keep warm and be safe and go whichever team DH wants to win. xooxox

  8. Extraordinaire comme travail very very good, is beautiful ,j'adoreeeeeee (((( j'ai le méme cat's que vous)))))
    Amicalement de brodeuses Violetta Braga ( facebook )


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