Friday, January 24, 2014

Chillin', just chillin'

The weather outside is frightful but the aroma in kitchen is delightful! Since I have no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

No, I haven't been drinking wine, but I have been cooking. With such cold temps I thought a nice hearty pot of chicken noodles would warm DH's tummy when he gets home.

I can't forget dessert. Red Velvet cake! My first taste of Red Velvet was in New York with my bud Dawn from Magnolia bakery. We took a few tasty treats back to the hotel and indulged.
So dinner is cooked, the weekend is here, and I have time for stitching and such. I finished my purse trio. The first was the largest with my favorite drab colors of the three.
Sorry, it has already been taken. The other two are smaller, another purse which will have a beaded chain....I finished the horizontal seam with a trim but haven't taken a picture yet.
Then the Accessory case which features the most beautiful lady. I love this image.

I spent last Saturday with my pal Jilly and we headed to Fishman's Fabrics in Chicago. We browsed and acquired a few new fabrics. Its always fun to see what they have.

Then we walked over to Vogue Fabrics. I like the Evanston Vogue better because it has everything!!!
Afterwards we headed to City Beads. 3928 N. Rockwell Street. 312-316-1910
It was amazing! If you are in Chicago, you have to check it out.
 We found so many new beads, ideas, and met the sweetest sales clerk, Jan Atherton, who was an amazing beader. She helped us with many questions and finding just what we needed (wanted).
Delicas and findings...
 Shapes, flowers, leaves, drops, daggar, Swarovski crystals, etc.....
 Various sizes of seed beads including the tiny size 15.
 And of course we both bought Shibori silk ribbons to experiment on. This is just one section of many.

City Beads is now my favorite shop and I will be returning. They offer classes taught by some very well know teachers in the beading world.
When we left home the weather was fine however returning home was a different story. I felt so bad that Jilly was driving in such bad conditions. I am so sorry Jilly!

Naturally our newly acquired stash was speaking to us so we got together and started making Shibori beaded cuffts. Mine... purple, lime, blue.
 Jilly's.....Periwinkle, blues,green, purple....beautiful.
We worked (played) most of the day, enjoyed pizza and her fur babies. This is Lola, a very sweet girl.
It was a fun day! I love Shibori!!!! I have gathered materials to make Megan one in blues. I can't wait to start. I worked on my throughout the week every chance I got until I decided if I added anything more the Shibori wouldn't show. I can't wait to see Jilly's. Her supplies were splendid!

I haven't finished my kit orders yet, so I'm going to do that before picking up a needle. I hope you all are careful if you are traveling icy or drifting roads. The I-94 pile up last evening was such a tragedy. Much too close to home.

Mom phoned me to see if I was home, then I turned on TV and when I heard the news mention SUV I immediately sent texts to Megan and Ed. We travel I-94 regularly as do my friends and I was hoping I wouldn't know any of the fatalities. My bud Laney takes it home sometimes but she confirmed she was home safe taking a different route. Whew! Those poor families. So take it slow and steady and watch the other guy out there. It only takes a moment to spin out of control.
I know, everyone just curl up in your comfy chair and stitch! Have a great weekend and stay warm.
Think Spring!


  1. Pat, I want to go shopping with you! You find the best places!!! I live about 50 miles north of Chicago but I really dislike going to city. I wanted to see Phantom of the Opera but it's playing at the Cadillac Theater and I just don't feel like dealing with trying to get there and back.

    Anyway, I just bought some Shibori ribbon and I can't wait to play with it.

    And I saw that terrible pile up on the news this morning. You were the first person I thought of. I'm glad to know you're safe.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Wow the purses are so cute. Just love that you share that tour with me, wish I could visit a few lovely stores, sigh sigh just a bit far from Cape Town.

  3. Oh wow what is the best to look at? The cake yummy, the beads, the purses always beautiful or the new cuff bracelet.. This is truly an eye candy post. Keep warm. xoxoxoxo

  4. How I would love to visit that bead store, because as we know, magpies do love sparklies! On the other hand, I would have to win the lottery to be able to afford all I would want to buy. Saw that horrible accident scene on our news here and felt so bad for the people involved and also for the emergency personnel that had to be on the scene.

  5. No wonder you mentioned your "distraction" from the Shibori ribbon, it is gorgeous! The purses are amazing as well. you got them done in just a week? I am afraid it will take me a year! I guess I just have to be confident and keep going!

  6. Your projects are always gorgeous. So glad you are all okay. This weather has been incredible this year.


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