Sunday, November 10, 2013

Its been awhile

It seems like I haven't blogged in months. I can assure you I have been keeping very busy though. A week or so ago I went to visit my St. Joe friend, Leslie K. I helped her reorganize her craft room and then we went to lunch. It was a fun day, yes, I said fun....I love to organize. So the next day I went back and we watched TV while we carded silk twist and ate lunch which was really more fun than eating out in my opinion. I just wish we lived closer.

 After I left Leslie's I picked up Megan to meet with the wedding venue planner. Megan picked out her linen colors and we talked about the setup. It is going to be beautiful. It doesn't seem real, I'm so excited!
She wants a candy bar so I'm thinking something like this. Her colors are Cobalt blue and aqua. This will be fun.
I have also been to the beach a couple of times. The last was on Friday and it was windy and cold.
 I took a short video of the waves and did find one piece of glass.

Friday night I met Megan's bridal party, her mom and family at the bridal shop. We got our first peek at her gown. It was hard not to tear up but even though I'm not her mother it was a touching site. She looked so beautiful. I am so excited for her....for all of us.

Speaking of excitement, I booked a room for mom and I next week at the Henderson Castle B&B  in Kalamazoo. Mom is very excited and will be surprised to find I arranged to have chocolate dipped fresh strawberries waiting for us when we arrive and then a nice dinner in their beautiful dining room so we can just relax and not go out in the night to find a place. Also, I plan on having tea with her on the porch and will pack our favorite tea and two cozy lap throws for us in case it is chilly. Then I will pour her a bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub and let her unwind before bed. My sweet husband suggested we go since he will soon be home for two months vacation and I may need a getaway, LOL. Funny guy. Anyway, yes, I am taking advantage of his offer. It is fun to get mom away from home if only for a day or two. She seems to come alive when we are on an adventure. I can't wait! I'll take pics and share when we return. I hope we don't meet up with the ghost! Yikes!


  1. Oh what a treat for your Mom and creating some of the best memories. You have the sweetest Hubby and think he and mine come from the same cut of cloth. Enjoy yourself and the place you are going to is awesome. Have a great week. xoxox YRoT

  2. Now this morning I woke up and said YIKES YR, you forgot to comment on Pat's visit to Leslie's home and playing. So she is so lucky as we all are to have you in our lives. I know you are going to have fun with Megan. I have a dear friend who has a wedding venue in her Victorian home and a lot of the decorating is so fun like the candy bar and cute things like that. Y'all have fun. xoxoxoxo

  3. Just popping in Pat to say "hi" and to thank you for your kind words over my loss of Andrea. Today was the spreading of her ashes in the creek on our property!
    Our last goodbye!
    I can feel the excitement building over the wedding and it is just wonderful that you are able to assist Megan with all of the beautiful plans - enjoy!
    And have a great break away with your dear mum.
    Sending big hugs,


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