Friday, November 15, 2013

Fast but wonderful trip with mom

It seems we just got to Henderson Castle B&B and we were already packed to go. I guess when you are enjoying yourself the time does pass too quickly. All the more reason to make more time for the ones you love.
So...I posted a little on facebook while I was there, but since many of you don't do facebook (which I don't blame you) I will post photos here.
We arrived early so I called but they said we could not check in until 3:30 because they were giving a tour so we went to Barnes & Noble for a bit. Mom sat in the cafe and enjoyed coffee and a coconut macaroon while I browsed the magazines. I was disappointed that I didn't find anything new. Oh well, I knew I would be busy anyway. We headed to the candy shop we like, Heilman"s Nuts & Confections. I stocked up on the mints I love, got mom her log roll and choc covered malt balls, and off we went to tour the neighborhood viewing the beautiful old Victorian homes since we had time to kill. We saw some beauties!

As we arrived and saw the castle on the hill we were even more excited.

This is the entry....

The new owner is a chef and he purchased the castle in 2011. Before I continue I must explain that when I booked the room, I was thinking how mom would enjoy a nice bubble bath with jets massaging her back in hopes it would relax her after the drive. Our room was on the second floor which was making me wonder what I was thinking with mom having to struggle up the steps with her cane. Duh! Not well thought out I guess, but she did pretty well.

This room was near the front desk, The Zodiak Room....see why?

Tiny lights on a dimmer switch spotted throughout the ceiling zodiac painting. I should have booked this one although it didn't have a tub.

This gorgeous stained glass window was at the landing, (want this Tish?)
We made it to our room and unpacked. Our plate of chocolate covered strawberries were waiting as ordered.We each tested one but didn't want to spoil our dinner so we settled on the bed to watch TV and veg out a bit.
Time for dinner.....down the stairs we went. I felt so bad I was making mom do stairs. Bad daughter!
Mom looking up from the stairs while I took photos.
The dining room was very pretty. and they sat us near the fire which we enjoyed.
 Mom toasting all of my blogging friends!
 Back in our room I was running a bath for mom but she informed me that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to get out of the tub. Again, bad daughter! I forgot she has a shower stool at home. I could have easily brought it too. So, she wanted me to enjoy the jacuzzi instead but I couldn't. I just ran a bit more water and took a quick bath, because I couldn't waste a good bubble bath. I struck out twice even though mom didn't say a word except how fun it was to be here. Ok, how could I make up for my mindless actions????

Well, I did bring my "bag o tricks" with me. So after we were both ready for a quiet evening, I pulled out the facial packs. We washed our faces and spread the green tea mud on. Mom wanted a picture of me but I said she had to join me so we both had blackmail ammo,LOL. We looked at each other and couldn't handle it........
 We started laughing and couldn't stop. I told her our faces would freeze the wrinkles in place if we didn't stop laughing. Thank goodness I was wrong....or was I?

 After that we decided to have a treat to celebrate another adventure. While I was chomping on a strawberry mom insisted on a photo however she didn't tell me I had white chocolate all over my mouth. Oh well, I am what I am!
I then pulled out the coloring books. Mom started laughing and remarked that she never had anything like that before as I handed her a set of markers and a stained glass coloring book. Mom started telling me stories of when she was little and had nothing. It was sad, and I don't know how she turned out to be so great. I guess she just deserved everything good that came her way. Everyone she meets loves her. She can make you laugh at anything.
  I also packed colored pencils and a Victorian home coloring book so we could exchange if we got bored.
 Goodbye Kalamazoo!  Mom doesn't look too happy but I caught her off guard. Our time went so quickly but we filled it with a lot of laughter.

 A sunny morning so we decided to investigate the area before heading home. We are both early risers and hate to waste morning time.

 A few shots of the castle detail. The front porch railing was so pretty.
Next Summer we are going to have tea here....I know, I know....more steps!
 But it will be worth it to sit, laugh, enjoy tea while looking out over the town.

 So, I would share more but my friend, Leslie, from St Joe should be here any minute and I'm not ready. We are going to the Crown Point shop , "Old Green Shutters", then to the fairgrounds for more treats from the shop. Tootles, and have a great day!


  1. I loved seeing this on FB and again here. Never tire of the fun you and your Mother have together. You are so thoughtful and will indeed get an extra star in your crown when you go to heaven. Now M. B. you are not a bad daughter just so much has happened lately in your life. So nope not a bad daughter just a loving and thoughtful one. I know your Mother enjoyed it and the time spent with you. Can't wait to hear about the trip with Leslie. xoxoxoxo YRoT

  2. You and your mother are just adorable together. Glad you had such a good time making memories!

  3. What a lovely post Pat! You are making wonderful memories with your mom. How I wish my mother had had any interest in doing anything mother/daughter.


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