Monday, November 25, 2013

Another cq pocket watch

We had snow today so I started some new crazy quilt projects. This is my creative mess at the moment.
I also finished another crazy quilt pocket watch.
Tomorrow I will pick up the turkey and I'll make pies on Wednesday. It seems Thanksgiving arrived so quickly.  I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping. I sure won't be doing the Black Friday thing. The thought of crowds and in and out of the car in cold weather is a big turn off. I'd rather stay home, stitch, and drink hot tea and spiced cider. Perhaps I'll put up the tree or maybe cut the evergreens and decorate the windows outside. 

I stopped at mom's and found she has a little companion. She brought in a kitten that apparently wasn't getting enough to eat. I think she just wanted or needed a little one to care for. I can relate to that. The other cats are Ferrell because people drop them off and she feeds them even though she can't touch them. They just hang around outside and when we catch one it goes straight to get fixed. Unfortunately each year a few more arrive. It seems to be a losing battle but at least it cuts down on a few litters of unwanted kittens.

So I'm off to my bubble bath then a bit more stitching before dreamland. Have a great tomorrow.


  1. Those are beautiful! Stay warm in the snow that is coming.

  2. Beautiful CQ as always, love your mess also. Kitties are so sweet and my do they ever have a mind of their own. We had our last one for 17 years, she was indeed a main part of our family. You could tell when she was mad at us , ears back. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the cooking. I don't blame you at all about the Black Friday race, I certainly won't do it either. oxoox

  3. Great idea with the watches! If you call your local no-kill shelter (or perhaps even the county animal services), they will often have a feral cat program where they will bring out the traps. When caught, the cats are spayed/neutered and then released back into the feral communities. Much easier to let them do the work!

    So glad your mom has a new kitten. Our two new kitties, Darla and Alfalfa (Alfie) are endless joys to us! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Pat - enjoy your turkey! Ours, of course, is a distant memory now. A wee kittie will be a lovely companion for your Mom...kittens are such a joy.


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