Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nice walk on the beach

Well, I'm back from my walk and had a relaxing stroll and two visitors. The sun wasn't shining and it was a bit chilly but a wonderful morning for a walk. I parked at Gunther's again and placed a bag of dog treats on my front window for Howard before I started off.

I love crisp air in the morning and the little walk through the woods started the day off right.
Along the sandy trail I spied a splash of red.....
 Then a splash of purple....
 as I made my way to the shore. No matter how many times I approach the beach I am always thrilled with the site of the lake and sand. I'm thinking it stems from my childhood memories of seeing who can run down to the water first.
 Since no one is allowed there (still) it was deserted once more. I was enjoying the usual sounds of waves and small pebbles when I spotted this treasure near the waters edge.
 It is a beautiful yellow glass nugget!
 I wandered down to my usual turn around spot while tunes played in my head, seeming to be stuck like a broken record. I let my mind wander and just enjoyed some alone time. I was wishing mom was with me like the earlier days. I know she misses it.

I was headed back when I heard someone shouting. I saw a person way up by the road waving so I waved back not thinking anything of it. A few minutes later here comes Howard the black Lab running to greet me. He is such a happy fellow. I saw him searching for a stick so I found one and tossed it. He was in his glory.....the water, a stick, and someone to toss it.
I turned and saw Gunther heading down the dune. He joined me and I discovered Howard is only 6 yrs old. Gunther found him on the side of a highway and rescued him. What a wonderful master he has. They walk every day through the woods and down along the shore. Gunther picked up the stick Howard dropped at his feet and tossed it into the lake. Howard immediately took off swimming to retrieve it.

I was at my turn off place so we bid farewell and off I went as Howard took to the water once more. I couldn't help but smile knowing such simple pleasures are the best.
When I returned to my car I found this note. These were my finds today.

 I also gathered some small driftwood pieces for Brenda Sandusky who made a beautiful under sea CQ which she is framing in a shadowbox where she will place some shells and small driftwood and such around the bottom.

So that winds up my morning. I'm going to work on the magazine for a few hours while waiting for the Dr. to call with lab results. Make it a great day everyone!


  1. You are such an angel!!!

  2. What a wonderful morning! I certainly do envy you for having such a great resource so closeby.

  3. Such sweet stories you share with us Pat! I love black labs. My mom has one and she is the sweetest dog you could ever want to know! And what a lovely gift you received from your friend!

    I saw Brenda's quilt. What a beauty! How nice of you to pick up treasures for her.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Oh my dear MB, love the story about the beautiful and lucky Lab, Howard. he is so lucky in many ways having a great home and human and you as a treat giver. Take care and enjoy your beach walks as we do reading about them. xoxoxoxo

  5. I'd loved to have a walk on 'your beach'!
    Lucky Howard! Such a lovely story.
    Good luck re- lab tests.

    Sandie xxx

  6. Rather nice to drop by and see that you are still walking the beach and picking up mermaid's tears. I'm so sorry your mom can't walk with you any more.


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