Monday, October 14, 2013

Exciting news!

I'm getting the daughter of my dreams. My son proposed to Megan last night! We are so excited around here.

I've always dreamt of my son finding a special girl who will love and care for him and he for her. Megan is that young lady and we could not be happier. She is the missing puzzle piece to our family. I'm looking forward to happy days ahead for all. 
They shared this on Facebook which I found this morning. I love this rings detail. Good job Ed!
I can't wait to give them both a hug.

Over the weekend I painted moms living and dining room and added a few things to cozy it up a bit to ready her for a pleasant winter. She called this morning to say how sunny and bright the fresh cream walls looked. She is happy, I am happy. Now back to assemble these cases I worked on in between painting. 
Enjoy your day!


  1. Congratulations! One of those, "not losing a son, but gaining a daughter" moments. Everybody's happy and you are still producing those beautiful CQ luxuries!

  2. Thats wonderful news, congratulations!

  3. Oh Pat, how nice for all of you! I can tell how happy you are! How did you manage to stitch and at the same time paint for your mom too? It took me all day to list just 6 items on Etsy! Now I want to go cut back another tree in my yard. Before I make dinner and run another load of laundry!
    Hugs, Pam

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM CDT

    Hi Pat....So happy to the wonderful news..I know you have been patiently waiting ;) Guess get to buy a pretty new dress!! Lol... the ring is so the details.
    The little cases are so alway's I look at mine all the just makes me smile..and also makes me want to create. Hope you have a wonderful week ;)
    Takecare, Shannon

  5. It is really a very happy announcement dear Pat, a congratulation to them, and a long life tucks of happiness!
    As usual I adore your magnificent textile work!

    Beautiful day, big hugs

  6. That ring is beautiful!!! I can see your son has inherited your eye for detail, the mounting is fabulous. The eyeglass cases!!! Wow!

  7. Hi MB, what exciting news. Oh your new daughter in law will be so spoiled as she should be. She has already fit in perfectly. The ring is so pretty as the little cases. Great news to start my day. xooxox congratulations to them both

  8. Dear Pat

    I am so happy for you on their engagement. I know you have talked so much about Megan and how much you like her. She will complete your litle family.

    The ring setting is gorgeous. So very different then the norm.

    Much happiness to all of you. Have they set a date?


  9. Congrats to all! I remember well how exciting it was when we heard about our new d-i-l's to be. Beautiful ring too!

  10. Wonderful news!! I am so happy you like your new daughter. Her ring is beyond gorgeous!!! (I think I might be a tad

    Happy Crafting

  11. Beautiful ring! Congrats to all. You'll make a fabulous mother-in-law!!


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