Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful days

The past two days have been wonderful. Yesterday I spent shopping with Megan. We hit a few resale and antique shops then stopped at various shops in Valpo. One was a new shop for me called Gordmans and we checked out the brand new Hobby Lobby too. It's smaller than the one in Michigan City but has plenty to satisfy. We enjoyed lunch at Panera and then we wrapped up the day searching for white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream which Megan wanted me to try, and salted caramel gelato that I wanted her to try. We found them in the second grocery store. We went home happy knowing we had a treat to look forward to the next day.

Today I spent with mom. She wanted to drive and see the fall color instead of sitting in a dark theatre which was fine with me. It was a beautiful Autumn day. We had lunch at Olive Garden and drove through country roads home. I put together lasagna for mom to cook for dinner before going home. My brother caught me before I left to give me some little pumpkins and gourds for my front porch.
DH was already home from work and it was still gorgeous out so we started putting garden and deck furniture away for winter. I gathered my statues, stakes, wind chimes, etc leaving only one to enjoy during the winter winds while DH closed up the water fountain. I cut the last few twigs of lavender and took a few pictures of flowers still in bloom. The Cosmos are unbelievable. These were volunteers from last year. They are almost 5'6" and such a pretty cluster.
I didn't want to go inside but I had to process the zucchini I had piled by the back door. I put away 7 quart bags of shredded zucchini, enough for 14 loaves of zucchini bread. All set for those chilly winter days when a sweet tooth arrives. I did slide two loaves in the oven  while I cleaned up my mess. 

I love Autumn and the sunny 75 degree days are perfect for any activity. I just wish they lasted as long a winter does. It's bedtime for me so I bid you a good night.


  1. Hi my dear MB, oh I use to make zucchini bread also. Scarey isn't it that we do some things alike. Your flowers are beautiful and I too love fall. My favorite time of the year. I know your Mom will remember the drive and the lunch with great joy better than a movie. I always forget them after we have left the movie house anyway. Hugs and have a great weekend. xoxo

  2. It sounds like a lovely couple of days Pat! I'm surprised but no one gave me Zucchini this year. I usually get a lot of it too but not this year. Oh well, I'll make pumpkin bread instead. Hugs, Pam

  3. oh Pat sounds like a lovely day..and yes tome of year
    nice here to in WA
    not that warm though..60 tyish


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