Sunday, September 01, 2013

What will it become?

 This morning I gathered ingredients for zucchini bread and took off to moms to put it together so we could visit the hour it takes to bake. They turned out perfect so I left mom with a cup of coffee eating a slice.
I came home and made lunch for DH and moi then stitched a little as he fell asleep on the couch. I slipped off upstairs to my studio and wandered around wanting to get into a new project (even though I just finished three and have one in the works down stairs waiting for me in my comfy chair) but you know how it is when you have a color on your mind and need to play.

I grabbed some dyed table runners, doilies and lace in grey shades then added a few dusty purples and chose a gypsy ciggie. I used some "Silks" acrylic glaze to add some purple to her instead of the blue. Then I selected some threads, beads, trims, and sequins. Now, What will I make? I don't know. I just know I have to make something. Perhaps an ipad case? A Boho bag? A tote?Whatever it becomes, it will be a drab yummy mottled creation.
Any suggestions? I have to straighten my room a bit before I begin piecing so I will check my email just in case you have an idea that strikes my muse.


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM CDT

    A book cover or a tissuebox cover perhaps?

  2. A book cover or a tissuebox cover perhaps?


  3. Anonymous7:32 PM CDT

    you have such a talent that whatever it is---it will be beautiful-----Mary Bonnell

  4. Hi Pat,
    I hope you choose to do an ipad case.

  5. Anything will be it a marvel, as usual!

    Beautiful day dear Pat

  6. such soft and pretty colors there MB. Just follow your muse and you will create something beautiful. You may think of one thing but by the time you really really get to the project you may change your mind. Just looking at the picture is pleasing to the eye. Can smell the bread from here.

    xoxoxo YRoT

  7. oh it mhas to be a beautiful boho bah

  8. Love all of the things you have selected! Whatever you choose to make will be just wonderful! I love functional items, and a pretty container box with a CQ lid would be my choice.

  9. I vote for a Journal Cover, but anything you create will be beautiful!

  10. I think since you have all that purple you should send it my!

    A decorative pillow might be a nice change or a throw.
    There is always the clutch purse or perhaps a wallet you can carry you cell phone with.

    I can not wait to see what you do!

    Happy Crafting

  11. I love everything you make, we All do! maybe an eyeglasses case or a small stitchery purse to hold stitchery items in, needles, beed needles, threads, a needle threader and a few pockets for bead containers and scissors and needful items for stitchery on the go....and could you let me buy it and I will put it in my new needlework bag????
    I'ld love that!
    ; )

  12. A Gypsy shawl, I envision your skilled hands working out an amazing design that can be draped over the wearers shoulder that will tinkle and sparkle with magical gypsy dreams...just a thought. I love the color palette, it reminds of that tint of sky where twilight lingers between day and night.

  13. oh yummm zucchini bread (:) have fun being creative (:)


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