Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unexpected fun

The weather was sunny and temps were in the 70's so I picked mom up for our picnic. We were going to go to a deli but mom was in the mood for a burger and I can always go for a salad so we  ended up with just that. We arrived at the park and the bench under the Willow tree was waiting for us. 
 So I placed a quilt on the bench and we enjoyed our lunch overlooking the Lilly pads. 

 Mom loves weeping willows so I got a picture of her with this beautiful old tree.
We drove down to the end of the road and mom said she would like to try to make it to the lake so I parked and off we went. When the lake was in sight mom was even more motivated to continue to the shore.
As we approached the water I saw a person walking down the shore in hunt mode. There was something familiar but I couldn't see clearly but continued walking to her hoping it was my friend Leslie TH. YES! It was! I couldn't believe it. She had just found a blue mermaid tear and thought I should have it, how could I refuse? We all began searching and one after another, the treasures revealed themselves. I wasn't expecting to find anything so I was quite pleased. It really was perfect weather for a beach walk and it was terribly hard to keep from walking down the shore. 
We gathered and showed off our finds and we both donated the lot to mom. I took a picture of Mom and Leslie to place on top of the treasures in a special jar so mom can remember the fun day.
Mom fell in love with Leslie (for good reason, she is a special woman) and all the way home she couldn't stop talking about how sweet, beautiful, sharing, etc, etc,etc... I was happy to see mom enjoy her day, and even more so because of sweet Leslie. Thank you:-)
These were our combined goodies that will go in her jar tomorrow.



  1. Pat, your stories about time with your mom are heart-warming. And I find myself missing my mom but also remembering special times, too. Thanks!

  2. Hi my dear MB, love your stories and always look forward to them,. Just got back from helping Grandson set up house after moving and thought I bet MB is up to something good. You are the best daughter. Thanks for sharing with us.



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