Friday, September 27, 2013

Frankenmuth trip last week

Time sure flies! September was a whirlwind, I can't believe it is almost over. It has been beautiful weather here. Cool enough to clean up the garden yet sunny enough to just want to play. Sooooo last week I took a trip to see some friends in Michigan.

I stopped to see Tish on the way and enjoyed a little visit. I arrived at Jan's and we talked until after 10:00 pm which for this wimp, was past bedtime. I slept like a rock, even though I was anxious to meet Shannon Bolanowski of Sweet Inspirations. I've "known" Shannon for a few years from being online so I already knew she was special.

We met up with Shannon in Frankenmuth so we could scour Bead haven, an awesome bead shop. We spent quite some time in there. Although none of us needed a thing, we all exited with bags of loot. How can you NOT? So we messed around and took some appropriate photos....

I know the old saying, "You are what you eat" but hey, I swear I haven't had a cupcake in a long time......

Speaking of cupcakes, we then headed to Zehnder's to eat. The uniforms the staff wore were wonderful. Black dress with white pinafore and hat. I can't believe I didn't snap a picture. Our hostess was so sweet. We were seated in the "Cow Pass" (I think), where we scooted in a comfy booth for a private conversation. We dined on their famous chicken dinner which was delicious. It was the first time I had buttered noodles, which is there side dish specialty. Yum!
 Afterwards we wandered around downstairs where their bakery and gift shop was overflowing with tempting delights. I had to grab a bag of the noodles for DH to try. The photo doesn't show it, but this place was huge and went on and on.Those aren't mirrors in the back, that is continued store.
Feeling pretty full we decided to check out the local antiques. Off we went in search of treasure. Every chance mom gets, she tells me about the horrible perm her aunt gave her and her sister as girls way back when. She always described the machine and although I have seen a picture years ago in beauty college, I never realized how scary they were until I saw this one first hand in an antique shop. Can you imagine being hooked up to all of those electric clamps? I would have ran away, and still be running. Whoa Nellie! Mom said she cried for weeks about her frizz. I can see why she is so particular about her hair now. What a nightmare.

 We searched a few shops then headed back toward town. Pass cheese shops, a huge Christmas area/theme park, quaint German buildings, homes and shops. It was a treat to experience Frankenmuth.
The time just flew by and it was getting late so we sat for a while to chat. We had exchanged treats earlier and a couple projects I couldn't share with you can now be revealed.
I made Shannon a neck pouch.
I heard Jan mention a Little Lady purse I make using velvet so I made her one.
I made Tish a change purse but forgot to take a picture so......

It was sad to say goodbye after meeting my new little sis Shannon, but we had a drive ahead so we hugged and promised to meet next year.
You all know I speak highly of Tish and Jan, they are just the best. Well, Shannon joins the ranks and if you have shopped in her etsy shop Sweet Inspirations, you know her heart is true by her creations. She is as sweet as honey and has a fun personality. To sum it up, she has spirit, spunk, and wears a halo when no one is watching. I think she would make a perfect cowgirl, and I mean that in the nicest, respectful way. An all around sweet girl, not to mention cute as a bug. Thank you for the way too generous treats Shannon! I sure enjoyed meeting you in person little lady.

We arrived at Jan's just before dark and sat around reflecting on our perfect day. It was quite a treat. The next morning I enjoyed some yellow cherry tommy toes (tomatoes) that Jim, Jan's wonderful husband grew. I could just eat them all day, which I actually have been doing with the load he sent home with me. Yum! So sweet. He loaded me down with a beautiful squash variety too, which I shared with mom. Thank you Jim!!!!
I said my goodbyes until next year because they head to Arizona during our cold winters. Who can blame them?
 Onward I went to Metamora where I stopped to say goodbye to Tish and her sweet husband Donald. We visited for a bit before my car was headed for home on that gorgeous sunny day!
  I am so blessed to be able to have such great friends and to get to visit them on a whim. I really must do it more often.

Speaking of visiting friends, this morning I am headed to St. Joe to finally see my dear friend Leslie Kenrich. I didn't get to see her once last year. We are going to check out the carousel and who knows what! She is a lot of fun and I can't wait to see her. I had better get off here and high tail it to the shower so our day can begin. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy your special friends. Tootles!

Did I mention I got a bottle of home made Black Raspberry wine from her DH? Yeah boy!
Front porch swing, here I come!


  1. Your pictures make me want to head East to that darling town.

  2. Oh how fun the trip was. Seeing what yall did and the beautiful gifts you made for them. The shopping I am with Sharon that makes me want to go visit that cute town. One day will make it up there. Seeing the perm machine makes does make you run the other way doesn't it? have fun on your next adventure and will be anxious to hear about it. hugs YRoT


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