Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Estate sale

Last week I was heading out the door to go grocery shopping and the phone rang. It was my sweet friend Karen from down the road informing me of a great estate sale. Well, knowing Karen's exquisite taste I had to go. It was pretty crowded but I made my way through the rooms one by one gathering some goodies. 
My first find was this old basket quilt rolled up in a dog bed in the garage for $2.00. 

 I told the lady I didn't want the bed but she said it is still $2.00 and I said of course, no problem,lol. I would happily pay more as I tucked it under my arm and entered the home. It was like a swarm of bees in there which I found a bit sad. Thinking of the elderly woman's belongings being picked through by strangers left me feeling guilty. I touched a few of her hankies and some purses but then my eye landed on a tiny German figurine laying on the edge of a dresser. It couldn't stand because, now get this, it still had icing from the wedding cake on the bottom. It had to go home with me. The delicate netting still attached although yellowed and stained was so sweet. The owner had saved her modest wedding treasure all these years and a family member didn't feel it was special enough to cherish? Well, I hesitated as I cleaned off the frosting and gently cleaned it up. I'm thinking it would be beautiful in a wedding shadow box for Ed and Megan.
I saw many things I would have loved but didn't have room or need for so I walked by before I gave in and bought them. I found a few linens and this adorable stitchery.
Perhaps I will make something for a grandchild with it one day? This is the other chandelier I bought for a song in MI last month with my friend Jan.
It is in the class studio for now. So today is hot again but tomorrow in the 70's so mom agreed our picnic will wait till then. I'm headed out for a swim then more stitching. I'm finishing up the gray/purple project from last week and will reveal soon. Keep cool!


  1. I would have bought that also. sad but im glad someone like you had a heart to treasure it for years to come....enjoy

  2. Love the Bride and Groom, I have a small collection of them. Enjoy your picnic!

  3. So glad you picked up that sweet treasure.It was 88 degrees here yesterday and more today. So hard to think Fall is just around the corner.


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