Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn has arrived

The smell of Autumn has been in the air for several weeks now. I have a lot of my flower garden cut and cleaned up. Leaves on the smaller trees are falling, Wisteria vine is growing rapidly now, traveling from the front porch to the back, Autumn Climatis has lost its delicate white bloom along with the sweet scent I enjoy so much, and I'm gathering black walnuts for my brother to shell. He always gives me a jar for brownies and banana bread.

Last Friday I had such a fun day with my pal Leslie K. I picked her up and we hit some yard sales nearby. Then we went to my other Leslie's (TH) beach to kill time until the caurosel opened. Leslie TH was in CO and we didn't want her beach to fill up with pesky mermaid tears so we helped her out :-)
It was a beautiful morning.
We saw two gals on paddle boards and they reminded me of Leslie paddling away on the calm lake. I'm thinking of getting one because Leslie said they are great exercise. I think it would be so peaceful.

After the beach walk we went to the carousel. Mothers with children and us, lol. It was fun, I can't help it.
Before we left we looked through the huge kaleidoscope.

Then we went to Buck's Burger for lunch. They have wonderfully seasoned fries, Megan's favorite. I thought of her as I devoured several. We stopped in the bead shop and found a few goodies the a couple antique shops before returning to her home. 
I'm going to organize her craft room soon. I can't wait to arrange it so she can create with everything at her fingertips. I really enjoy organizing and it makes creating much more pleasant when you know where everything is. She has all the storage there waiting for me. I'm excited!

She opened some bins and let me select vintage lace items that she was cleaning out of her home. I about fainted. I was in shock, and still am. It was better than a kid in a candy store. I went home and freshened things up then began redecorating the house with beautiful linens and lace curtains and doilies. DH must have thought I was nuts running up and down the stairs a hundred times. 
I have to show you what Leslie made for my birthday. I simply love it.

A framed crazy quilt piece. Isn't it beautiful? Thank you dear friend.
My bud Dawn and her hubby Don just stopped by. They gave me a sweet painting of my Spring garden with the flowering crab apples in bloom. They admitted to sneaking into my garden to get a picture this past Spring. The artist and moi. 

I can't believe Don painted it for me but then again, he is quite a guy. Had a very nice visit but just realized I didn't offer any refreshments....whoops! Sorry, I'm embarrassed!

I've been celebrating since my trip to MI a week ago when I got to visit my sweet friends Tish & Donald and Jan & Jim. I'm feeling way too special with all the birthday wishes arriving. Thank you everyone. I am feeling very good today, certainly not my age,lol.

The kids came by Saturday and spent the night. It was great having them here. Ed seems pretty content these days which I believe stems from having such a sweet gal. Megan is a breath of fresh air and fits our family perfectly. Can't wait till it's official. I waited almost 30 yrs for a daughter and I am certainly being blessed with the best, so well worth the wait.

Mrs. Bolanowski sent me a gift with a note.....(inside joke about horse)
As hard as it was to wait, I did so.(I really did)  I took a cup of tea and the envelope to the porch swing and enjoyed inspecting my beautiful treasures. Thank you Shannon, I'm still drooling.

A few days ago I did the same with a box from Sweet Terri. I didn't realize until then that I seem to do my "celebrating" on the porch swing. It is a quiet sunny spot that I could easily spend all day, so perhaps I just might go back out there and do so. 
I'm working on a little birthday giveaway and will be selecting a name from my blog followers and those who have commented. I'll share a pic and winner ASAP.
I wish you all a beautiful day like the one I'm enjoying.


  1. Hi MB, so glad first that you are letting us follow by email, I just miss some of your notes and hate it. Looks like the carousel is another thing we have in common love them as granddaughter did. one time at Six Flags she and I rode theirs all day. The same one over and over again. Was fun. Always enjoy your posts and if you ever want to come to Texas and organize me I am always welcome. When I do it it is like hide and seek for a few days and I discover lots of things I didn't even know I had. So glad you are back and enjoying it all. Love ya xoxoxoox YRoT

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like you've been celebrating in grand style and deservedly so. Enjoy your week!

  3. Wow, that is one fun filled post! Glad you were able to keep those pesky mermaid tears in check! The painting is really neat a real treasure. The CQ framed very special and perfect for you. seems the more I cut ours back, the more places it wants to spread to.
    The front porch swing should be on every home...lots of Sunday afternoon naps, stitching, talking with daughters, watching cars go by, reading, bird and bug watching, waiting for now grown daughters to return home, did I mention napping...all happen on my front porch swing.
    Happy Birthday and now go ride that carousel!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I envy you the carousel ride. And I love looking at all the wonderful treasures that you share.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Wishing you many more happy ones.

  6. Happy Birthday dear Pat. It sounds as if you have really been enjoying yourself with all the trips. It is so nice to have great friends like you have.

    Hope your Mom is doing well and riding that bycicle.



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