Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Autumn Bliss

Well peeps, I've been enjoying myself like the good ole days. Most mornings I get out of bed.....much later than 3:30 am....after a sound sleep which includes some of the most wonderful dreams, and head to the porch swing with a cup of tea and bowl of oatmeal. It has been cool in the morning and I love it. The past two mornings I have gathered my ipod, water bottle, phone and cooling towel and venture off on my bike instead of walking the beach. As I glide along the country roads I catch the scent of the Autumn Clematis every once in a while. It is such a sweet fragrance and it has taken over my front and back porch which smells heavenly. A few browned leaves fall in front of me, a sure sign of Autumns arrival. We need rain badly but at this point I'm just going with the flow, cleaning up the garden for winter.
The cool mornings have allowed me to do some stitching on the porch swing which is my favorite place to be. I still miss my little companion sleeping close beside me as I stitch, but memories of her keep me smiling.

 The past two days have been in the 90's so I've been taking advantage of the last weeks of pool use. Its always sad to close the pool but it is also one less job maintaining it at this busy time of year when the garden needs attention. My poor garden is slowly getting trimmed and carried away. A big haircut so to speak. Its just so much more enjoyable to enjoy the spring garden if all the waste is removed in the autumn. The fern alone leaves me with five or six trips to the woods where I dispose of it. It decomposes and sinks cast off seeds which bloom each spring. Quite a nice exchange I would say.

Today is supposed to be cooler so I take mom on a picnic. When I was at the beach in Michigan with my friend Leslie TH a few weeks ago, we walked out to that little bench under the willow tree and I knew mom would enjoy looking over the lily pads so that is where we shall go. Besides a scenic picnic, the drive is nice too. We may stop for some fresh sweet corn on the way home. It has been so good this year.

Last night Megan stopped by to pick up some Silver Dollar branches I had cleaned for her and we had a nice long visit. I think soon there will be some wonderful news to share :-)

So that is what I've been up to, just enjoying my surroundings and slowing down. It is exactly what I needed to do. No obligations ahead, just smell the roses and go forward.....slowly.
Have a wonderful day and smell a few roses if you see them :-)


  1. So nice to see the photos of your wee Angel. We're hot here at the moment too, but it's supposed to drop dramatically tomorrow or the next day.

  2. She was a precious little beauty Pat! I still miss my little ones too. I have the 2 new little babies but I'll always miss my other little ones. Pam


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