Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Part 2 of my trip

Sorry to keep you hanging....I have been running in circles non stop since my last post. Now it is time to breathe.......exhale.....alright, the second half of my trip.
After returning to Michigan I went to visit another sweet friend, Jan Obertein. The afternoon I arrived we just relaxed in her studio and sun room. Jan's studio is sooooo pretty. It has an large awesome arched window and is filled with soft pastel stash and projects. Its the type of studio where you go in and wish you didn't have manners so you could rummage through drawers and shelves. Yeah, that kind of studio. Everything is pretty in there. Her sweet husband made her a studio right off the kitchen so she can create her beautiful things without being disturbed by phones or TV. It really is a treat to visit.
So after a great nights sleep we headed off to a few places along the lake. There happened to be a 200 mile long yard sale going on so you can imagine seeing home after home with driveways and garages open to buyers looking for that special item. We stopped at one of her friends old Victorian homes who was in on the sale. I wanted everything. Jan introduced me and she was so sweet. Her home was amazing. The porch was huge and I imagined sitting there watching birds splash in a birdbath while enjoying a lemonade. So peaceful and....Victorian. So, I found some things which included not one but two chandeliers. The pink beaded one is from Italy which I hung in my studio.

If I told you the price you wouldn't believe me. The other is a clear beveled and beaded glass one a bit smaller. I haven't gotten a picture yet because it is still in my outside studio unpacked. They both came with antique stands but I like to hang them so I will use the stands on the front porch or stair landing for plants.
At first I thought I would remove the pink beads and flowers but after I hung the pink one I kind of liked the shabby bohemian look remains untouched.
After the sale, when my faculties returned, we ventured on to another of her friend's who owned a delightful shop called, Vera Grace Emporium.In case you must see this amazing shop for yourself, the address is...214 Broadway (M-29) Marine City, MI. The owner is Donna Tebeau. You can see some of her offerings on facebook.
You can find jewelry, antiques, cards, gifts, scents, clothing items, etc in there.
I took a few pics...

 My friend Jan (left) with Donna in doorway.
Then we stopped at a quilt shop and found a few cottons for journals. The quilt shop happens to rent out rooms for quilt retreats....sound interesting? The place is really nice and so reasonable. There is a large second floor balcony to gather for stitching and tea as well as several beds , kitchenette, and all within walking distance to shops, restaurants, and the lake. It has everything I would look for to host a retreat. Anyone interested? Perhaps 2014 or 2015?
We had lunch at a little fish place then headed home to recoup.
We spent some time in her studio the next day then her sweet husband Jim, sent me home with fresh zucchini and cucumbers from his garden. Yum!
I headed back to Metamora to bid farewell to Tish and her sweet husband Donald, who also sent me home with garden delights, rhubarb. It brought back memories of my father gifting everyone who came to visit with garden fresh goodies. Those were the good days. Now I'm reliving them with people I treasure. I am truly blessed with special people in my life I consider family whether they like it or  not, LOL.

The ride home was pleasant and sunny but bittersweet. I knew it was time to return home although I didn't want the time to pass so quickly. DH was happy to see me and I know he enjoyed alone time too. It was really what the doctor ordered.

As soon as day breaks I'm off to the beach before it gets hot out then visit mom. So enjoy your day.


  1. Hi Pat,
    In my next life I want to come back as you - you have the best times traveling around. What a fabulous find with the chandeliers and it fits perfectly in your studio. I'll go to bed now dreaming of maybe attending a Retreat that you host - that would be way too cool!

  2. Oh my goodness , well if you see a red steel stallion, Our auto, drive up with Texas tags in the middle of the night please pay no heed. It will be to steal that chandelier. That is so pretty and to die for. A retreat? Oh bet there would be no sleeping there. So glad to hear part 2 of the well deserved trip. Bye for now MB xoxoxoox YRoT


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