Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh Canada!

Well, I should be doing something else but promises only go so far until they become lies, so here I am blogging,LOL. One Sunday morning I took off to meet up with my dear friend Tish who I was heading to Canada with. Since I wasn't flying......I kind of over husband (who insisted I take a break) wondered if I were coming back. I didn't want to make any more decisions so I packed whatever I thought was comfy. Anyway, you should have seen my car on the way home.....oh my!
 Off we go!

 Ok, I don't care for bridges, and I thought I did extremely well in S. Carolina. But the bridge crossing to Canada made me cringe. The water was beautiful but the height....not so much. As we were approaching the border my excitement grew.
The closer we got... stomach tightened.  Whew! We made it!!! Hello Canada!
 We enjoyed so many beautiful scenes along the way and childhood memories were beginning to return.
 Canada was our yearly family vacation since the guys out numbered the gals in our family. I didn't mind, I loved it, especially since I was a tomboy. I loved fishing with dad in his pretty blue and white boat. Even when I caught his shoulder with my fishing hook...yikes! I remember peeling the loose smooth white bark from the multitude of White Birch trees surrounding our camp. I would write my friends notes to take home thinking I was being very unique,LOL. I fed squirrels from a plastic spoon trying to coax them to allow me to pick them up. It never happened(thank goodness).

One thing I discovered during this trip were the Inukshuk
 It was fun driving along trying to spot them atop the huge rocks. There were so many of all shapes and sizes. I enjoyed our giggling travels with our excitement ruling our thoughts. It was pure bliss driving up and down and along the beaches speckled throughout our Georgian Bay route. We spent a week at Tisha's vacation home eating as if we were twelve years old...anything and everything. One night we dined on cheese fondue, sweet potato fries with Tisha's sour cream and brown sugar dip and maple bacon potato chips. I think we had fudge for desert. Ahhhhh the sweet life!
 I must say all the restaurants we went to had great food. The scallops and crab cakes were the best I've had. Diet? What diet? I never said anything about a diet!
One day we ventured out to find a restaurant favorite of Tisha's called Copper Blues. It was set at the bottom of the ski slopes surrounded by shops of every kind. Now I don't like crowds, but this place was fun to explore. As we dined we enjoyed a live band in the courtyard. The weather was perfect, the company was excellent and the food delicious. I will never forget Copper Blues with Tish.
 After we ate we shopped a little.....
  We dropped a lot of loonies and toonies in that shop!
 This truck reminded me of dad's old Ford truck. Cute idea.
Heading home for the day to sample our purchases,LOL.
One day we drove along hunting for a beach that wasn't so crowded. We found this lovely garden across from a small beach area..

  .....and I actually found tiny green and brown mermaid tears. I was so excited to find them here.
This is one of Tisha's favorite places. I can see why. A lovely creek running through the tree lined rocks.
There was just so much we did and saw that I can't describe it all.I truly enjoyed myself and relaxed completely. Thank you Tish! I needed that.
Heading back to Michigan.

The water was actually turquoise between Canada and Michigan. Beautiful!
Part two of the trip was a visit to another dear friends home,Jan. I will tell more when I return.....
Tootles for now.


  1. What a fabulous trip! I grew up in the western part of upstate NY and have many fond Canada memories - glad you're traveling:)

  2. What fun to spend that time with Tish! I grew up only a mile from the Blue Water Bridge, and crossed it alot as a kid. The water is so beautiful, Look forward to the second part of you trip Pat!

  3. Thanks for sharing part of your trip with us MB. I was jus thinking of how pretty it must be up there and the yummy food. We have not ever been to that part of Canada just heavenly. Can't wait to hear part two and I know you enjoyed it all. A good trip is what is ordered in life to give us a boost of energy.

    just saw that the magazine is out. Ordered and done.

    Hugs YRoT

  4. Oh my, looks like so much fun. I hate bridges too!


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